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Website plan and future posts

This will be a short post. I am planning to greatly reduce the frequency of my blog posts on account of the content. This means, unless I think the post has some merit or use to other people, I will not be posting here. It will also mean the frequency of status updates or even any .plan files will be very low.

On this note of status. I have been experimenting with 3D in Godot and come to understand it is capable, though I can't judge just how capable yet, as I have done no benchmarking. I have studied a bit about how to use Blender, and how to use Trenchbroom, and how to use Qodot. As a result, I may work on producing some form of quake-like game or experiment.

I have also begun my studies for the third and probably final year at University to get a degree, which means the dedicated time for my projects will likely go down.

I am probably going to write a bit about my workflow for Godot 3D games since it seems unusual. Certainly non-standard. As for the website, the archival project is still in the works. I have created the main page for it, but I have yet to gather the individual content for the archive.

Thanks for reading.

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