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Quiver .Plan 4

I didn't accomplish as much programming work within the Godot game this week which is unfortunate but C'est la vie. Below is this weeks .plan file, and a gif of an effect I accomplished. I am also going to begin putting some time into learning the C programming language beyond a beginner's level. This is mainly because it is an extremely portable language, an extremely terse language and it has direct utility for me on a Linux System for directly modifying my system and writing utilities. It also give me a good basis for learning C++ which the backend of Godot uses and may help me in the Industry if I choose to go that way.

Amount of work I got done on the game was low this week because I spent some of the week doing some trite stuff.

* Modified UI to show HP and AMMO for current gun at bottom
* Modified inventory to only allow 1 of each weapon. Extra weapons just picks up the ammo
* Completely removed the throwing feature. It added nothing to the game
* Made acquired weapons light up in inventory
* Made Title Screen flame effect inspired by DOOM PSX
* Completely removed the dropping feature. It added nothing to the game
* Completely removed the moving of items in the inventory. Instead we now have weapons in specific slots

+ Adjusted Line of sight offset to be much better and to not have gaps
+ Teleporter render layer is now correct
+ Lore terminal without existing file won't crash
+ Lore terminal checks if file exists before trying it

Singleplayer Death Statistics

Binaries have not been provided for this week's update. They will be provided next week along with some bigger changes.

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