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Quiver Version 0.3!

Quiver version 0.3 is out! This update features the following:

- Some slight polish to Mines modules

- Overhauled enemy AI

- Now there is 5 levels that are relatively balanced with their loot and enemy content

- Rifle added

- Inventory overhaul

- Complete removal of throwing and other poor design choices

The above changes are now featured in the current binaries of the game, and the web version. Go play it! In addition, I am now looking for feedback on the current status of this game. If you feel you have something to say about it, let me know!

As for optimisation, it runs on a Thinkpad T420 acceptably. The plan log mentions GLES2 consideration, and this is why. On a T420, a laptop that is GPU-absent, the framerate is around 50FPS which is acceptable but not to my standard of good. For most modern desktop, especially those which are featured with GPUs and even the newer Intel Graphics. It used to run much much worse on account of excessive Light2D usage and unoptimised use of baked lighting.

I do not intend to return to the multi-layering system I developed partly in the last post.

As for future developments. What remains for me to implement is mostly a matter of content, which is not something I am strongly good at(I actually find it boring). This is the primary reason all the levels still use Mines Modules. To address this, each week I will create at minimum 5 modules for a new area. I could probably do it all in 4 days if I made a strong effort to get all the modules done, but we shall see if I push that hard to that effect.

Full plan log

* System for handling full auto guns in place
* Fully automatic rifle added
* Explodead now explode if you get near them(Like creepers from Minecraft huh)
* Rundead now leap at you instead
* Turrets have been added
* Modified various zombie sprites to be obvious which was it's facing
* Set the item and enemy generation to guesswork values
* Extended the game to 5 levels(Each level still needs to be given a custom look though)
* Added death statistics for singleplayer

+ AI rotation has been fixed. Now randomised on spawn.
+ Fixed some broken item pickups in deathmatch
+ Fixed a bug with bullets treating game as networked when it isn't
+ Fixed issue with inventory info sizing and scaling incorrectly at different resolutions

Maybe change the particle system to be CPU-based instead of GPU-based for wider support(GLES2 vs GLES3)

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