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If you want to donate money feel free to. If you want to donate time, feel free to contribute to the projects I work on or to share my pages around.


- $10/Month for VPS Hosting

- $30/Year for Domain Names

- $10000/Week so I can do the Scrooge McDuck dive


=> Liberapay(Recurring, weekly/monthly/annually donations)
=> Paypal(Onetime donations)
=> Monero(Onetime private donation)

Monero Wallet Address 8AQj2Tejg8p8KtTRLhZ1xUCaeGgcZQmRHb4bULeehMmoD5a4tbkukxoUd9vy7oASEM1E1aGnvGJyXicC1Th4sph57yvs997

Github sponsors to be added.

Affiliate links

Use these affiliate links if you intend to use them. They have benefits for me and usually for you too.

=> Vultr. I get $25 for each user who pays. Users get $100 to test it out.
=> Epik. I get 20% on any initial sale.


I'd like to thank everyone who helps me out by being generous either with their time or their money. Cheers mates

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Status update, September 2021

It’s a quiet, foggy morning here in Amsterdam, and here with my fresh mug of coffee and a cuddly cat in my lap, I’d like to share the latest news on my FOSS efforts with you. Grab yourself a warm drink and a cat of your own and let’s get started. First, a new…

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Help Archive Team Archive public Google Drive files before September 13!

On September 13, Google is going to start requiring longer URLs to access many Google Drive files, breaking links to public files across the web unless users opt out! Because…

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