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If you want to donate money feel free to. If you want to donate time, feel free to contribute to the projects I work on or to share my pages around.


- $10/Month for VPS Hosting

- $30/Year for Domain Names

- $10000/Week so I can do the Scrooge McDuck dive


=> Liberapay(Recurring, weekly/monthly/annually donations)
=> Paypal(Onetime donations)
=> Monero(Onetime private donation)

Monero Wallet Address 8AQj2Tejg8p8KtTRLhZ1xUCaeGgcZQmRHb4bULeehMmoD5a4tbkukxoUd9vy7oASEM1E1aGnvGJyXicC1Th4sph57yvs997

Github sponsors to be added.

Affiliate links

Use these affiliate links if you intend to use them. They have benefits for me and usually for you too.

=> Vultr. I get $25 for each user who pays. Users get $100 to test it out.
=> Epik. I get 20% on any initial sale.


I'd like to thank everyone who helps me out by being generous either with their time or their money. Cheers mates

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