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Game Development links and resources


=> Godot ASCII art
=> AllSky Free Godot Skyboxes
=> 8 Bit font collection
=> 8 Bit fonts collection 2
=> Minimal Background Tubes
=> McNoodlor Unreleased Scroll of Sprites
=> Soniss mega audio pack
=> Game Programming Patterns
=> The book of modern 3D graphics processing
=> SDL/OpenGL tutorials
=> Book of Shaders
=> Gamedev gaiden, a collection of Game Development Resources
=> Roguelike tutorial in TCod and Rust
=> Roguebasin wiki on roguelikes development
=> Miziziziz's Retro3D Graphics Collection
=> Kenny assets
=> Freesound.org
=> Freemusic archive
=> Composer(Neural Network)
=> Gamesounds.xyz


=> Spritestack voxel editor
=> Textmachine handwriting font
=> AllSky Skybox set full
=> Tilesetter
=> Tilemancer


=> Adam C Younis, Pixel art tutorials
=> Gamemaker's Toolkit, Design info
=> Jonas Tyroller, Design info
=> Bisqwit, C++ tutorials
=> Code parade, Algorithms
=> Emilio, Godot tutorials
=> KidsCanCode, Godot tutorials
=> Javidx9, C++ and Algorithm tutorials
=> Miziziziz, Godot tutorials
=> Sandy of Cthulhu, Design info

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Status update, September 2021

It’s a quiet, foggy morning here in Amsterdam, and here with my fresh mug of coffee and a cuddly cat in my lap, I’d like to share the latest news on my FOSS efforts with you. Grab yourself a warm drink and a cat of your own and let’s get started. First, a new…

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