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=> Jack Hopkins. Experienced Ultracrepidarian and connoisseur of fine anime
=> Leo. Sniper Monkey
=> Cam. Spotter Monkey
=> UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company merchandise. Quality goods for Quality people

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How new Linux users can increase their odds of success

The Linus Tech Tips YouTube channel has been putting out a series of videos called the Switching to Linux Challenge that has been causing a bit of a stir in the Linux community. I’ve been keeping an eye on these developments, and thought it was a good time t…

via Drew DeVault's blog December 5, 2021

Reflecting on the i-Mode shutdown with RockmanCosmo

Interview with RockmanCosmo and the shutdown of i-mode, once a juggernaut of mobile gaming.

via Data Horde December 2, 2021

Universal paperclips. A Clicker.

DATE: Tue 16 Nov 2021 18:30 By: HexDSL@Posteo.net Universal paperclips. A Clicker. I like clickers. I especially like GOOD clickers. By good I mean the kind that eats you every waking moment until its made its way entirely though the addicted part of your b…

via HexDSL November 16, 2021

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