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Quotes about RisingThumb

Aaron's is over at my house right now and the mere sight of him just made my 2 year old brother cry -Redgadgy
Yeah Aaron would just get straight to the point -Vangis
Sometimes I like that Aaron is back, but then I think back to how peaceful it was without him and prefer it that way -Bic
I am like the btec aaron, instead of giving definite help, i give you sort of help. -Obihen
No if aaron comes back the funny random shit will be broke up with 6 hour long uncalled for political debates or video game tangents. -FoxKidd
He now has full intelligence on earth and we will soon be overwhelmed by the race of Aaron's. -Bic
Aaron has finished his observations and returned to his home planet. -Bic
I'm gonna compile it then aaron is gonna have full control over my computer. -Cameron
Can someone put Pi in an insane asylum already? -Spywin
Wait, Pi actually sleeps? -Silver
I bet if Pi becomes a professional game dev, he'll make it on the list as Games Designed by the Nazis. -Spywin
If Pi directed a movie, it would basically be a documentary of a fictional story that was never told. You know, Boring and Pointless. -Lieutenant Joe
Pi, Reichskanzler of the Reorganized State of Britain. -Wolfgang
Horseshoe theory exists. Pi is proof. -Spywin

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