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Developers: Let distros do their job

I wrote a post some time ago titled Developers shouldn’t distribute their own software, and after a discussion on the sr.ht IRC channel today, the topic seems worthy of renewed mention. Let’s start with this: what exactly is a software distribution, anyway? I…

via Drew DeVault's blog September 27, 2021

Denouement // Part 9.

DATE: Sat 25 Sep 2021 16:52 By: HexDSL@Posteo.net Denouement // Part 9. Part 1. (web) Part 2. (web) Part 3. (web) Part 4. (web) Part 5. (Web) Part 6. (Web) Part 7. (Web) Part 8. (Web) Afoot. The next few hours were a whirlwind of activity. The new room was ca…

via HexDSL September 25, 2021

YouTube’s Community Posts are tragically killing the Discussion Tab

A few days ago YouTube announced that millions of channels would gain access to Community Posts next month. Unfortunately, many people have missed the footnote that they are removing the similar Discussion feature which was already available to all channe…

via Data Horde September 21, 2021

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