Niemand Book Club

So that I may record quotes, book reports, vocabulary and further research coming from books- and so that I may use it as a personal reference of what books have taught me. The Library below refers to theses, books and novels I possess. If there is a folder under the book club, it will have further notes(and will indicate I have read it and probably recommend it).

Library of physical books

Digital(for brevity, only those I have read)


Articles from blogs I follow around the net


MAUDE MOLD #18 by Stanley Lieber BLACK TRIANGLE tags: 1964, kintsugi, mancamp, mars2, maude_mold, ragnarok, sadbeard 31 October. A black triangle fell from the sky, tumbling end over end into the Martian dust like a burnt Dorito discarded form the picnic table…

via I'm not really Stanley Lieber. March 19, 2023

When to comment that code

My software tends to have a surprisingly low number of comments. One of my projects, scdoc, has 25 comments among its 1,133 lines of C code, or 2%, compared to the average of 19%.1 Naturally, I insist that my code is well-written in spite of this divergence …

via Drew DeVault's blog March 9, 2023

All you may need is HTML

via fabiensanglard.net March 2, 2023

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