Exams Finished

My exams have finished. All of them were 24 hour Open Book exams so by their nature they were quite easy to do. Regardless, this isn't much of a post anyway. So I will bring this post back around to a few topics.

Firstly, I have set up my Dotfiles to use git and GNU Stow for easy deployment across my Desktop and Thinkpad. This isn't such a big deal, however I have some personal data stored in that git repo, that I am considering seperating it out into a few repositories. One for DWM/DWMBlocks/DMenu/ST source code, One for my shell scripts, and a few for more general applications I that don't contain personal information.

Secondly, I have also opted to use sftp for no particular reason over rsync for putting files on website's file directory. As of current, I leave this password protected, however I think I will probably change this soon enough.

Thirdly, I am considering completely removing the GitRepos stuff on this website, as it adds another element to consider when using this Site with projects. This is just because I have don't have a satisfactory setup for handling my projects. What is satisfactory you ask? Something that has a low maintenance cost and a low project-setup cost, and easy for an end user to use. What I had currently set up did not satisfy either property to me.

Also, I want it to be mirrored across Gitlab, Github and a personal Git site. The only reason for this is to make it usable regardless of preferred git platform.

In regards to game development, I have done nothing there, but this will change next week, as I will have very little to occupy my time other than reading a bit, Terraria and more system modification.

Finally, in regards to video uploads, I haven't found anything I wanted to talk about so I haven't talked about anything. I will probably do a few new videos. I have in mind the following topics:

University and why it's a waste for the common person(Targetted at Americans, with EU as a subtarget)

Godot non-tile based module-based random dungeon generation.

A video targetting the attitudes of a lot of people in Tech(masterhackers, tooSmartTooLearn, AppleCultists, WindowsNormies, LinuxEvangelists)

A short series on Websites, Web hosts, Domains and setting up a simple static blog with shell script.

A brief video on Tmux as a power tool.

A final video talking about MineZ and why it died.

If any of these videos would be of PARTICULAR INTEREST TO YOU, let me know. I would rather make videos that interest the common person. Email me or just DM me if you have my contacts.