New Website Look

The website has a new look. I have also gone ahead and updated a lot of the materials there too. Have a look around if you want. Basically anything that I thought was objectively garbage or quite useless I removed from the site. I might make an extra HTML file for extra information, since there's quite a bit of information I want to port over from the old site.

I also have a new email server set up on my VPS. Send me mail!

Also about the old blog posts, I will have a look through them and see if there's any worth transcribing over to this blog. If there's none, I will leave them buried, since most of them were not worthwhile to me, and likely to anyone.

As for the game I'm making, I've completed the overall Level Generation algorithm. Now I need to make some items, get dead-ends sorted out, get an adapting AI sorted and then I'll just need some UI for Inventory. I plan to have like 4-5 items for this minimal build just to see what it's like.

I might make posts on Reddit about this game continuing from minimal build onwards, and I will also likely discuss Design issues. I am building on top of the basis given by Teleglitch, and want to expand on it, but also solve its Design Issues. There were a selection I observed in Teleglitch: How it didn't respect player's time, How the difficulty curve was insane, How it was inaccessable in a lot of ways, and How the time to death is very quick. The tutorial it provides I find to be lacking especially in regards to very important information such as the value of armour against bullets.