Pausing development on Quiver

Hi. I'm pausing development on my game Quiver for some time. There's a possibility I will return to it to continue working on it. The reasoning behind why I am pausing my work on this is because I want to study, learn and work about some other "stuff". I will list what this "stuff" is now.

- Using C with the SDL2 Library to make basic 2D game engines.

- Using C with OpenGL3 to make basic 3D game engines.

- Using Qodot, Trenchbroom and Godot to make 3D games.

- Ctag, an ncurses music tagger

- University studies beginning soon

This is a fair quantity and variety of "stuff". A person may ask why I am taking an interest to C when it comes to games development. The reasoning is that it is exceptionally portable, and avoids the pitfalls I feel with Java's Object Orientated Programming. I may adapt to use C++ instead of C at some point but we will see if I do. It is unlikely the first 2 points will manifest into anything I can show in a short period of time. This will also give me a significant appreciation for game engine development, as opposed to game development. The 3rd I may or may not have something to show on that as well, it ultimately depends on how reasonable Godot is as a 3D game engine.

It's unlikely I'll say when I return to work on Quiver, but if I choose not to, I will write a post-mortem and likely release the source code and assets for it on GitHub.