Gemini is a modern protocol that doesn't set out to replace either Gopher or HTTP. I have started using Gemini, and from how simple it is, and from my uses of this Website, I will probably start using Gemini more.

One of the motivations behind this is that I despise the commercialisation of the big internet. Multimedia shit everywhere quite frankly. That's not to say I won't continue using this website, I have the tools set up so maintaining a gemini capsule and maintaining a website will both be done. I am likely to start putting content that only exists on my gemini capsule.

There will also be content that only exists on this site too. Primarily multimedia content, such as web exports for games I make.

I also have a gopherhole that pretty much just redirects to my gemini capsule and http site.

Want to see what I've made with it so far? Go to gemini:// in any gemini-supported browser. Want my recommendations for which Gemini browsers to use? Use Lagrange for a graphical experience, or amfora for a terminal experience.

Oh, it's also much easier to make and maintain a gemini capsule than either a gopherhole or website. It's just markdown with a couple bits and pieces extra