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This list is kept updated with new blog posts I write. It is written with Gemini in its markdown format, so please report any errors in conversion to risingthumb AT If you have anything you'd like to comment about a blog post, send an email to risingthumb AT, with the subject heading being RE:Article Title. I really appreciate corrections of any kind, so do send them.


I have set up a Git Server
Who games on Linux? #1: DOOM 2
Browser choices
Impressionism and Games
Who games on Linux? #0: HROT
2007, the year the internet went to shit
The modern web is bloated
Software ACE. Is your software shit?
Testing HTMl character escaping
Unix philosophy and writing scripts
Automating Tmux for fun and profit
Stories page
The iterated Prisoner's Dilemma
RSS ported to work again
Gemini: Antidote to the modern advertiser web
The problem with Bitcoin
Website replaced with Gemini equivalent! And other details...
Blog now mirrored on Gemini! Also other details
Happy New Year!


Website plan and future posts
Pausing development on Quiver
Want a free shirt? Spam Github!
Quiver Fluid Fog of War Effect
Tools and Linux Information
Quiver Version 0.2
Social Media is Garbage(But you already knew that already)
Helleglitch plan 2
Helleglitch version 0.1 (XRay)
The UNKNOWN [?] Archival Project
Website slight remake
The Pessimist's Why
Exams Finished
Git Repositories
UTC Empire Archival
Email and Taskwarrior
Moved my system to Linux
Exporting lots of aseprite files
Generating Changelogs with Git Log
More Site Stuff
New Website Look