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This list is kept updated with new blog posts I write. It is written with Gemini in its markdown format, so please report any errors in conversion to risingthumb AT If you have anything you'd like to comment about a blog post, send an email to risingthumb AT, with the subject heading being RE:Article Title. I really appreciate corrections of any kind, so do send them.


=> Tech Portfolio
=> Richard Stallman Situation
=> Who games on Linux? #2 Loop Hero
=> Site is now better on Mobile
=> Mass Surveillance at scale has resulted in murder
=> Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (Book)
=> I have set up a Git Server
=> Who games on Linux? #1: DOOM 2
=> Browser choices
=> Impressionism and Games
=> Who games on Linux? #0: HROT
=> 2007, the year the internet went to shit
=> The modern web is bloated
=> Software ACE. Is your software shit?
=> Testing HTMl character escaping
=> Unix philosophy and writing scripts
=> Automating Tmux for fun and profit
=> Stories page
=> The iterated Prisoner's Dilemma
=> RSS ported to work again
=> Gemini: Antidote to the modern advertiser web
=> The problem with Bitcoin
=> Website replaced with Gemini equivalent! And other details...
=> Blog now mirrored on Gemini! Also other details
=> Gemini
=> Happy New Year!


=> Website plan and future posts
=> Pausing development on Quiver
=> Want a free shirt? Spam Github!
=> Quiver Fluid Fog of War Effect
=> Tools and Linux Information
=> Quiver Version 0.2
=> Social Media is Garbage(But you already knew that already)
=> Helleglitch plan 2
=> Helleglitch version 0.1 (XRay)
=> The UNKNOWN [?] Archival Project
=> Website slight remake
=> Gopher
=> The Pessimist's Why
=> Happenings
=> Exams Finished
=> Git Repositories
=> UTC Empire Archival
=> Email and Taskwarrior
=> Moved my system to Linux
=> Exporting lots of aseprite files
=> Generating Changelogs with Git Log
=> More Site Stuff
=> New Website Look
=> ..