Cool sites/capsules

Email me at if you want me to add you to this list. If I think it's cool, I'll add it

Kalium, a fiction writer
Cosmic Voyage, a collaborative sci-fi fiction
UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company merchandise(Their stuff is cool)
Vibrations of Doom, a metal radio, with sound files included. The tin says what it is, cool sounds
C++ 'interview'. Hahahaha, it's just a joke bro......
Why numbering should start at 0, by Edward Dijkstra
The Eye
Library Genesis. Need Research papers behind a paywall?
DeepL translator. A better translator than anything Google can do
The book of modern 3D graphics processing
SDL/OpenGL tutorials
Webshit weekly
Suckless software. All software sucks, make it suck less
Eric Raymond, Author of The Cathedral and the Bazaar
Luke Smith
Book of Shaders
WAB(We Are Back). Graphics demos
Gamedev gaiden
The Jargon File
Xah Lee Web. Emacs and Mathematics
Namwollem, More codef graphic demos
The Mod Archive. Huge archive of all the greatest .mod files from days of the Amiga
h0p3 Weird and wacky texts. Maintained by Jason Scott
The huge BBS List. Maintained by Jason Scott
The BBS Documentary. Worth a listen and watch if you liked BBS
Fabien Sanglard. Respectable C programmer
Nayuki. Interesting software developer
StuffWithStuff. Writer of interpreters and cool roguelike guy
HexDSL. Classy Linux Gamer. Isn't a Linux evangelist or your classic idiot gamer

That's all I've got for now. I'll put more on this big list, as of and when I find cool sites.