Cool sites/capsules

Email me at if you want me to add you to this list. If I think it's cool, I'll add it


=> Jack Hopkins. Experienced Ultracrepidarian and connoisseur of fine anime
=> UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company merchandise. Quality goods for Quality people


=> Kalium, a fiction writer
=> Cosmic Voyage, a collaborative sci-fi fiction
=> Vibrations of Doom, a metal radio, with sound files included. Has a lot of good old stuff you don't find elsewhere
=> Gamesounds for your games. All royalty free!
=> C++ Interview on why it is the best language for Job Security and the Future
=> Edward Dijkstra on why numbering should start at 0
=> The Eye. IP and Copyright law suck
=> Library Genesis. Need Research papers behind a paywall? Research is for the benefit of all, corporations and men
=> DeepL translator. A better translator than anything Google can do
=> The book of modern 3D graphics processing
=> SDL/OpenGL tutorials
=> Webshit weekly. Good jokes about the sad state of HackerNews
=> Suckless software. All software sucks, make it suck less
=> 2f30. Suckless developer
=> Eric Raymond, Author of The Cathedral and the Bazaar
=> Luke Smith. Linux-based reports straight from the Unaboomer Cabin
=> Book of Shaders. So you want to learn GLSL but Parallelization is confusing?
=> WAB(We Are Back). Graphics demos. Did someone take me to the 90s?
=> Gamedev gaiden, a collection of Game Development Resources
=> The Jargon File
=> Xah Lee Web. Emacs and Mathematics
=> Namwollem, More codef graphic demos. Surfing in the 90s
=> The Mod Archive. Huge archive of all the greatest .mod files. Very nice tracker music
=> h0p3. Weird Philosophical ramblings in an unstructured way. Go here for a trip
=> Weird and wacky texts. Maintained by Jason Scott
=> The huge BBS List. Maintained by Jason Scott
=> The BBS Documentary. Worth a listen and watch if you liked BBS
=> Fabien Sanglard. Respectable C programmer. Author of Black Book Doom
=> Nayuki. Interesting software developer
=> StuffWithStuff. Writer of interpreters and cool roguelike guy
=> HexDSL. Classy Linux Gamer. Isn't a Linux evangelist or your classic idiot gamer

That's all I've got for now. I'll put more on this big list, as of and when I find cool sites.

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