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Game Development

For Game Development I used to use Gamemaker because of its simple scripting language. Nowadays I dislike it because it encourages heavily coupled code that makes the game you're making on exponentially harder to work on as you work on it, rather than linearly hard. For new developers I can recommend it for training wheels, and some good games have been made in it(Hyper Light Drifter, Hotline Miami among others).

These days I have changed to Godot due to GDScript being based on Python3, the Scene system and the way scenes arrange objects in a tree structure. All of this makes for a very nice and powerful environment from which to make a game. It's also open source, royalty-free, supports 3D games and actually has a proper way to make a GUI in it. The entire engine is also written within the engine as well which goes to show how stable it is.

For artwork, I use Aseprite, and I export it with custom shell scripts to mass export source files to automatically integrate them. I don't see any other tool to meet how powerful Aseprite is. For tiles, tilesetter is a good choice, though it's not user friendly.

For audio, I use Audacity. I get sound effects from freesound.org. For music I use PXTone, a tool by Pixel.

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