Mini Log

This is a mini log. I post small snippets here about how I am feeling, or what's annoying me, or what's intriguing me. You get the idea.

Sun 25 Apr 2021 21:15 BST

cnclehf, papyrus, aardvark

Sun 25 Apr 2021 21:14 BST

Ok, I actually fixed the issue with a newline lol

Sun 25 Apr 2021 21:10 BST

I have updated my gemini minilog to be more compliant with the expectations of Lace. Pretty cool

Mar 10(Wed) 06:44pm GMT

I sleep today at 6.45PM. ok

Mar 07(Sun) 08:03pm GMT

The great thing about Arch Linux is that all packages are available and it rarely breaks. The bad thing is installing it which is a pain in the ass

Mar 07(Sun) 06:55pm GMT

There's nothing in the world like a bellyful of delicious Sunday Dinner topped off by consoooooming videos to let it settle and digest. God it's so fucking good

Mar 05(Fri) 11:20pm GMT

Mar 05(Fri) 06:46pm GMT

94% overall mark for my "Programming for Games" module at University. Sad!

Feb 28(Sun) 11:58am GMT

Also is it just me, or has Steam's library system always been getting worse?

Feb 28(Sun) 11:58am GMT

Why does Steam take so long to start up

Feb 26(Fri) 04:09pm GMT

Holy wars, Holy whores. Which side do you back? The hack or our crack?

Feb 26(Fri) 08:55am GMT

Scream into the void!

Feb 25(Thu) 07:54pm GMT

Crudux Cruo!

Feb 19(Fri) 11:18pm GMT

Everyday is exactly the same

Feb 18(Thu) 07:28pm GMT

I made this mini log and have proceeded not to use it... hahahahahahahahaha...

Feb 15(Mon) 07:35pm GMT

Hello, this is a cool micro blog

Feb 11(Thu) 05:28pm GMT

Signed Distance Functions are awesome

Feb 08(Mon) 10:34pm GMT

Of course this brings about another set of issues from using C99

Feb 08(Mon) 10:33pm GMT

I've come to a conclusion on games development. Raylib if you want extreme performance. Godot if you want extreme speed

Feb 05(Fri) 01:22am GMT

Anyway, I shall sleep now.

Feb 05(Fri) 01:22am GMT

I hope tomorrow I can focus myself to add 1-3 new enemy variants to that game. That should be most if not all of what I need for a working prototype

Feb 05(Fri) 01:19am GMT

At least I accomplished some things today. Got a janky setup for doing some C++ requiring windows headers setup, and I implemented some gameplay for a godot game.

Feb 04(Thu) 10:28pm GMT

It seems reasonable to me. I already use a bunch of static HTML pages for my website, and the few pages that are dynamic could be changed accordingly

Feb 04(Thu) 10:27pm GMT

I'm thinking here, maybe I should replace my website with *mostly* gemini. By that I mean converting Gemini into HTML static pages.

Feb 04(Thu) 08:39pm GMT

Man, it's pretty nice, now that I have a mini log set up, where I can just press a keybind, and everything just works to upload the text I am writing now. Only point of failure is if my internet goes out, but the changes are stored to a text file, so it gets uploaded after

Feb 04(Thu) 08:39pm GMT

Yep, it works now :)

Feb 04(Thu) 08:38pm GMT

Here comes another test

Feb 04(Thu) 08:36pm GMT

I will now patch no input from dmenu

Feb 04(Thu) 08:36pm GMT

Feb 04(Thu) 08:36pm GMT

I will now test no input from dmenu

Feb 04(Thu) 08:34pm GMT

Nice, this all seems to work then. Date and dmenu provide input. I type. It all gets rsynced up. Simple as. !Muy bien mis amigos!

Feb 04(Thu) 08:34pm GMT

Lets see if this works in practice...

Feb 04(Thu) 08:33pm GMT


Feb 04(Thu) 08:33pm GMT

This is a Test gemlog

Feb 04(Thu) 07:19pm GMT

Hello darkness my old friend

Feb 04(Thu) 07:18pm GMT


Feb 04(Thu) 07:15pm GMT

This should be the first in the log

Feb 04(Thu) 07:14pm GMT


=> ..