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Garry's Mod mods


Garry's mod(shortened to Gmod) is a game that has a big modding scene as a lot of its gamemodes and game content are provided by mods. The game runs in the source engine and a lot of the mods involve writing Lua code and working with the Source Engine in the Hammer editor, or other editors.


[TTT] Monster Energy Drink

This is a small mod that adds a drinkable Monster Energy Drink, complete with animations and fully functional within the TTT gamemode for Garry's Mod.

As of the time of noting this, this mod has 3132 subscribers, 103 stars and is a part of 387 Gmod modpack collections.

=> TTT Monster Energy Drink

[TTT] Doom Weapons

This is a weapon pack mod that adds all of the weapons from the original 1993 game DOOM to Gmod for the TTT gamemode.

As of the time of noting this, this mod has 2565 subscribers, 109 stars and is a part of 299 Gmod modpack collections.

=> TTT Doom Weapons

[TTT] Wand of Universal Wishing

The wand of universal wishing was an experimental and funny TTT tool that made it so with a credit, someone could make the next item anyone bought(including other modded items) would be given to all people on the server. This resulted in some rather amusing TTT rounds where everyone had tripmines or portal guns or lightsabers or Thomas the Tank Engine rocket launchers.

As of the time of noting this, this mod has 494 subscribers, 6 stars and is a part of 50 Gmod modpack collections.

=> TTT Wand of Universal Wishing


This is a Gmod TTT map featuring various traitor traps and was a lot of fun to make.

As of the time of noting this, this mode has 4700 subscribers, 35 stars and is a part of 263 Gmod modpack collections.

Helped out with

I have helped out with a handful of other mods, providing Lua debugging, testing, and running pre-release games with that friend.

=> TTT Death Star
=> TTT Star Wars Blasters
=> TTT Tantive IV