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I currently use github, but have hosted a git instance before and have plans to set up a werc script for this in the future...


I have an Owncast instance. I almost never use it, so it's on the chopping block for future removal.

=> Access it here

Mail Server

I have an email server. If you want your own email on the domain, send an email to me at Email addresses on this domain will only be given to trusted friends and family.


As this site is based on werc and allows easy subdomains, I may open it up for trusted friends and family to set up their own sites. Site structure will be similar to this site.

Historical Services

Game Servers

- Garry's mod Server

- SRB2Kart Server

- Terraria Server


Historically hosted an XMPP instance. I no longer host it, as I have no strong reason to use it. I used to think XMPP was great, but my opinion has soured. The state of XMPP is a mess as different vendors provide different clients and servers that meet different sets of XEP points. This means, even though interoperability should exist, it doesn't. IRC, Email, or something centralised like whatsapp, google chat, SMS or Facebook messenger are better options due to network effects or interoperability that is actually interoperable, instead of inoperable.