I have a GitTea instance. I use this myself as an alternative to GitHub. Currently use of it is restricted to myself, but I may open it up at a later date.

Game Servers

I currently run SRB2Kart and Garry's Mod Game Servers on occasion. I may generalise this so it is a 24/7 thing for one of them.


I have an Owncast instance. Myself or friends may use it. There is chat functionality here, but names of people in chat may not be who they claim to be.

=> Access it here

Mail Server

I have an email server. If you want your own email on the risingthumb.xyz domain, send an email to me at risingthumb [?] risingthumb.xyz. Email addresses on this domain will only be given to trusted friends and family as of the time of writing.


As this site is based on werc and allows easy subdomains, I may open it up for trusted friends and family to set up their own sites. Site structure will be similar to this site.

Articles from blogs I follow around the net

idée fixe

idée fixe 1:21, mp3, flac public domain archive patreon

via I'm not really Stanley Lieber. February 4, 2023

Should private platforms engage in censorship?

Private service providers are entitled to do business with whom they please, or not to. Occasionally, a platform will take advantage of this to deny service to a particular entity on any number of grounds, often igniting a flood of debate online regarding wh…

via Drew DeVault's blog January 30, 2023

I'll visit South-East Europe (Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Constantinople) this Summer

I’ll be in south eastern Europe this summer (of 2023) in late June and early July. Specific plans are still in the air, but I’ll be visiting Greece, Albania, Montenegro and possibly the European side of Turkey. I’ll also be in Kosovo, and while I know I hav…

via Luke's Webpage January 28, 2023

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