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A creeping thought- A creeping image that flashes in our daydreams. A time of childhood, of simplicity, of the past.

Why then have we romanticised this past? Why then have we made demons out of this past? Why then do we sleep with our demons?

The Romanticisation happens for many reasons.

- Constructed memories... that we remember our past wrong.

- Survivorship bias... that we prefer thinking about the good in the past. What is negative is forgotten.

- Simplicity. Our childhood had simplicity. College years had simple foods and simple survival.

Flirting with the past like this. Our chants and memories give it a strength. A power over our mind. A preference towards the past. A preference against change.

Demons possess a lot of power. Negative and positive. The price of Nostalgia, is the faustian bargain that we have forgotten most of what is terrible in nostalgia.

So we fight against change. We fight against novelty.

I think of Tarkovsky's Stalker.

What is hard may never win. I think too... Emotional rawness is a root of Nostalgia. We never forget our first love. Our first betrayal. Our first guilt.

We have grown hard, and so what plucked our deepest heart strings has silenced.

So tinged is Nostalgia in Melancholy.

In a world eclipsed in more and more loneliness... melancholy mellows a lonely soul with daydreams of nostalgia.

Of childhood innocence, friends and playing.

So tinged is Nostalgia in Novelty.

In a world eclipsed in a routine of doom and gloom... we have forgotten the childhood joy of what is new.

Without novelty, a world without nostalgia chokes.

He who has few pictures of deepest Nostalgia, has a life poorly spent.

He who's Nostalgia casts a wide net, has caught his soul.

Experienced tinged with nostalgia, remind us Life's novelty... and the loss of innocence that follows Death.

Published on 2023/11/17

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