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On the tripartite of Humanity

O' Declared it so- from the sickly tree of Christianity... "God is Dead and we have killed him!". Or so it is said, that following it, God is dead- With it truth is dead, With it science is dead. How can that be, for such an axiomatic system of symbols to result in a dead truth? It depends on the metaphysical, or its lack. To believe in the metaphysical... the tripartite of humanity- Of a worldly spirit that inhabits men! Nay, not a religious spirit- as Jung duly notes on our deepest fears. Allayed and departed Ulysses ventures and projects his own wrath upon the world. That spirit that make men whole! To believe in it, is to believe in some meaning, some truth! Without it, it all falls into subjectivity depraved upon subjectivity. Observe those who believe solely in the Duality of Mankind; His mind separate from his body, observe how unto each they give special emphasis upon their mind- Max Stirner with his utter rejection of all metaphysical manifestations that might prey upon him, but he too is preyed upon the spirit of freedom and individualism. "I think, therefore I am", only some of the time- does this imply a lack of thought destroys your existence? A philosophy predicated on the physical, justified by Titan slayers of Old and New slay and lay old titans to rest- and in their stead a spiritless world, deprived of beauty and meaning and falsified with measurements of mind or body. Machiavellian, Hedonistic, Egoistic and Individualistic philosophies stem from this obsession with the physical.

Let us return once more to the question of duality of mankind, this can be a duality of spirit and mind. To do this, you put no measurement upon the body and the material- an eastern tradition, and a tradition that leaves the mand languishing upon its self-inflicted deprivation. A stoic sadism. The duality of spirit and body- but then you put no measurement upon your mind. You reject the autonomy of thinking and leave it to the Gods above and below, to blow the ship of Theseus. With no mind to think, you reject autonomy over your body and revert to nature- an unnaturally life-denying approach as you can both transcend nature in that Übermenschian spirit, or descend into your darkest nature- lusting into a Hedonist fervor. So then we return to the body and mind- but a body and mind without a spirit is one full of what Stirner would consider spooks. "Truth, Morals, Gods, Beauty", what spooks leave a mind and body haunted by the modernist and post-modern hauntings of Nihilism and Existentialism and leave so many wrought with inner turmoil! Their spirit lies in the labyrinth of the mind, the Shadow and its self-actualisation! What a tragedy that might befall people. Alas poor Candide, I barely new thee.

Then we come to singularities of men. That you may only be a spirit. Life-denying in its very essence! You would reject our world, the only world you have solid proof for it lays before all your senses in every waking moment- through your body you know this, yet you reject the body, and you reject the world. In service of pure spirit. Pure spiritlessness. The singularity of the mind is trivial, a mind relies upon a body to even exist- how else biologically can your world change? How else can understandings of science, built on the house of cards that is theories, hypotheses and axioms that even Gödel refutes their completeness give you sustenance if you have no spirit to subject yourself to those truths, or no body to observe them? It is a contradiction. Finally singularity of the body- that we are nothing but machines and cellular automate. Pascal's wager should be sufficient to argue against the atoms in the void argument- if we are, then we aren't losing anything either way, and if we aren't we lose a very great deal in the metaphysical and the physical.

To what degree is Spirit, Spirit? In so far as Nature, that unconscious guardian of all that is beautiful and right in our world- in so far as Art that unconscious exploration of the deeper ravines of our mind's aesthetics- in so far as God, that being we espouse motive and structure to our world from. Even Virgil presented these 3 elements in the 7th Circle.

Dearest, our worldy antidote is in our very fibers yet you recoil knowing it may make sense within your mentally structured notion of the unconscious! Your dreams! Your psychology and resentments! All contribute to that aesthetic that is spirit. Those who resent this, languish, failing, brooding, with a deep hatred for our world as their mind and body fail to sustain each other. Fail to sustain their process towards Plato's Philosopher King, master of all 3 dominions! So much has been lost...

Holy mother, why do you weep so?

Published on 2023/05/03

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