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Nietzsche and philosophical destruction

Ah yes, the modern classical works of Nietzsche. Woe to any idea he sank his teeth into, that may be the subject of what one man may say in a paragraph what many say in a book... or not at all. Nietzsche is of a modern class of philosophers, spawned from the Enlightenment. Their entire Socratic dialogue dives into the destruction of philosophies- take Voltaire as a common example with poor old Candide! Is this the best of all possible worlds? If it's the only world of all possible worlds, then trivially yes. If it's not, then likely not- as such it flounders around a moral chaos around.

It is a mysterious individual who Übermensch, promotes der Übermenschen society mein schlatz? Denn wir fahren gegen engelland?- but alas even the English see naught beyond the ends of their noses, as their society collapses in complete rejection of Nazi Germany. Full of Untermenschen children, as are all such western wastes. It is a deep grievance that Nietzschean work desiring an Übermenschen society, creates the thesis of the Übermenschen society, and its more successful Untermenschen society that works on an ideal comparable to Huxleys somatic work. Woe to the misanthrope and his misinterpreted words! In setting Dionysus and Apollo at war, cutlass and sabre once more! Alas, some men are Odin switched like my dearest brother locked behind the metaphysics of words, Mr John Savage.

Published on 2023/05/03

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