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The best medication

German Romanticism, was a direct result of the Enlightenment, where everything was being reduced to rationalism and logic and a denial of emotions across the full range(pain, pleasure, love, lust, envy, pride, happiness etc). This German Romanticism is responsible in part for the philosophical views of Nietzsche, Stirner and a lot of other German philosophers(and a lot of German works like Beethoven's 5th, Wagner's Operas e.t.c.)- which usually focused on the concepts of self-actualisation or the Übermensch. This concept of self-actualisation, if one studies Jungian Psychology, requires incorporating the shadow of your ego(everything you bury deep down in your subconscious), which for most people is extremely difficult, so instead you just get modern short-sighted attempts at it by using Maslow's Hierarchy of needs instead(therapay and medication too if it doesn't work well enough).

Tou should look at yourself and ask what you're hiding from yourself- but teasing that out is very hard as noted above on Jungian Psychology. My general purpose recommendation is to attempt to read some philosophy(since philosophy is effectively a prequel to psychology). It'll give you both knowledge on different value systems, and give you tools towards being your own therapist(you know yourself best, so why shouldn't you be your best therapist?).

Published on 2022/10/05

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