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Helleglitch Plan 2

Next week I will release Version 0.2.

Major improvements across the board. No binaries this week. I will make a binary for next week. Next week will see more features added.

* Multiplayer deathmatch. Players have properly synced positions and rotations
* Mutliplayer deathmatch weapon firing is properly done.
* Items have interact indicator
* Lore Terminals have interact indicator
* Lighting can now have animation effects, so changing light size and RGBA colour. Strobe effect put in
* Death system for singleplayer has been added
* Multiplayer lobby created
* Deathmatch synchronised start has been created.
* Deathmatch scoring and kill messages
* Deathmatch death and respawn system set up
* Deathmatch game timer
* Deathmatch scoreboard, and death information set up
* Deathmatch end of game timer, that goes back to the lobby for more games
* Spawnpoint for guaranteed items. Can be set to respawn after a time, or not respawn at all
* Added railgun with railgun ammo and glow effects

+ Map system has been fixed. The background was preventing it before
+ Tutorial Teleporter fixed
+ Multiplayer disconnection has been fixed
+ Map system ported for deathmatch. Player spawns set up
+ LOS System ported for multiplayer deathmatches
+ Player drop system ported
+ Player throw system ported
+ Fixed Baked Lighting ignoring walls after hitting an interactable object
+ Deathmatch no longer has terminal screen at start
+ Many yielded idle frames have been removed and replaced with signals
+ Explosive barrels now explode nearby other explosive barrels
+ Deathmatch input in pause screen fixed
+ Fixed deathmatch double damage bug
+ Fixed issue with lobby being unable to joing after game ends
+ Major crash involving the Line of sight and Light Occluders fixed. This is MAJOR because this was a crash which provided no error logs or report

Lore Terminal without an existing file will crash.
Singleplayer Death Statistics
Lighting animation effects cause lag. Look into it. Suspect it's because of a lot of draw calls. Suspect it'll be fixed if square wave used to minimise draw calls
Refactor all code to align with my code style standard
For sound effects, consider making unique ONHIT and ONKILL soundeffect by making it bassier.

Published on 2020/08/05

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