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Dominance of Deficiency

"Deficiency will be dominant where aesthetic doesn't exist" - Unknown

There is a similar quote. "Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. Weak men create bad times. Bad times create strong men.". This cyclical nature, shows the defining characteristic of Good times, which is the decay of aesthetic. A decay in aesthetic, produces weak men.

Let us take what someone considers Beautiful as an example. What is Beautiful inherits some qualities of truth, truism and some form of evaluation of the object as Beautiful. Beauty, is determined a goodness, and ugliness is determined an evilness- and its in this same way that the warping of Beauty, is the warping of Good and Evil. The Warping of Good and Evil, makes Ugly things appear Good to evil people.

Of course this adheres strongly to the notions of Good and Evil. What is beautiful and ugly is not 1:1 with what is good and evil. Nor is it what is truth... but in every Beauty there is a truism... and in truisms, there is deep value and nourishment to the spirit.

Now our lips are sealed by Orwellian language. Some things that destroy the vitality of humans, their health in decay, is determined good and beautiful. Nowhere is this more clear than in "fat shaming". While I condemn shame, and especially the feelings of being ashamed as it is a denial of my virtue(and what is my virtue, but mine alone, and in uttering it, I defile it)- shame is an emotion of the herd. Both the Sheep and Goats herd about and feel shame, and are ashamed- most often they shame those pale individuals... criminals to their aesthetic sensibilities, and these pale individuals grow pale as their health and vitality is choked, their life is choked, they wither, paler and paler. These pale individuals are bridges forward to the noble man, the aesthetic man, but these bridges are burnt, and their ropes rotten-- they have sacrificed the hero within themselves, ashamed, and grown even to shame the hero in others.

The pale criminals- criminals to their herd, marked in black, tried, and deficiency was dominant. Their aesthetic no longer exists, and they adopt the herd's aesthetic... if it can be called an aesthetic. They grew tired of life, of the creation of values by evaluation, and evaluating beauty- and have fallen as the first men to the last men into comfort, decay and dominance.

It is no surprise that this is the case. To be a sheep, to graze among grass is a simple and routine death. Now to be a Goat, is to graze in the lighter air, among the mountains and valleys where grass is thin and Nature's beauty is upon the horizon. To take upon your head these Goat Horns, and lock heads with those of the Goatherd, towards their aesthetic, their desires, their beauty.

In nature the vast majority of the animal kingdom are parasites. Over 50% of all animals. Even among humans, I would not be surprised to say the vast majority of humans are parasites within their societies, leeches bleeding those pale criminal dry... until their exhaustion is society's exhaustion. Until the nobles take cover in the twilight, and the pale ones are pale bones... and the parasites leech among themselves.

Good Aesthetics, creates Dionysian men. Dionysian, destroy order and aesthetic. The absence of aesthetic, creates Apollonian men. Apollonian men create restructure and order the world to their aesthetics... and so the cycle of rain continues to wash away all ugliness and beauty.

My name is Oyzmandias, King of Kings;
Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal Wreck, boundless and bare

Begone parasites. You are not bridges to the lightning.

Welcome twilight. Your beauty rebuilds bridges to the lightning.

Begone deficiency. Your dominance is Dionysian, and Apollo struggles even now to find arrows to the other shore.

Welcome Aesthetic. Your beauty unwarped, holds truisms to nourish those pale and frail.

Published on 2023/09/20

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