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Computers and Melancholy

Some observations.

A computer is a form of sensory deprivation(you are denied touch, taste, smell, temperature and rely entirely on images and sounds).

A search for "Frustration" will return results primarily featuring a computer as its source.

The vast majority of people are music addicted. A requirement for particular sounds for emotional regulation or more accurately

The number of glasses being prescribed has increased sharply since the introduction of the phone and computer. Muscle fatigue from maintaining the same focal length of our eyes.

A thread connects these all- sensory deprivation hampers our body's operation, increases dependency on particular visuals and audio for that regulation. As a result of sabotaging our emotions...

Melancholy. At least it's the best word I have for it. Nostalgia for a world with the full colour of our senses that is irregular in reality to our senses , tinged with sadness, happiness and regret.

That said I believe this encompasses more emotions. Frustration as noted, anger and hatred, possession and obsession.

Computers are a negative flux upon our emotions. Stressful, overloading, emotionally draining- and a drained people are made that are burnt out, tired where sleep is no fix.

There is an idea of Solomon's pact that binds demons- they create ways of seeing without seeing, speaking without speaking... And affect the world by bypassing this pact. The computer is a great temptation-

Prometheus was punished for stealing the fire of knowledge from Olympus to gift to men. He was cast into the bowels of the Earth and picked to death by birds.

Ultimately, our Promethean spirit leads us being pecked to death. For me, the fix is to manage the social and emotional birds within me, otherwise like Prometheus they'll pick at our skin.

That fire of Prometheus glows within the cold illumination of a computer screen.

Published on 2024/06/13

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