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Website Slight Remake

I have remade components of this website and improved how I handle a lot of things on it. Lets talk about them.

- Firstly, you'll have noticed I now I have drop down menus as my headers that take you to relevant pages. I have chosen to do this, as it achieves a good balance of simplicity and minimalism, limits what media will be rendered for the end-user to make sure it's not a bloated obese page, and to achieve the accessibility of most information of content easily found and within only 2 clicks of links.

- I have created an extendable system for HTML Includes in files. This was because, I want to include some information on every(most) page, such as the Headers. This should allow me to streamline the inclusion of content. This isn't relevant to the end-user as it I do not waste time or resources computing this on the client-side with Javascript, or the Server-Side with its equivalents. For this, I chose to write a shell script to preprocess all HTML files and handle includes as relevant. You can find these include marks in the source HTML still, as comments.

- A planned increase in information where relevant for particular pages, and a plan for some new pages. I am considering pages for recommended reading and viewing, with some elaboration on WHY it is recommended. I also plan on adding a page for other websites worthy of note. These would be friends because I'm biased to support them, and people I found to create and include content of a highly educational nature.

Published on 2020/01/16

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