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Helleglitch 0.1 (XRAY)

I've been working on a game in the Godot engine called Helleglitch. Check out the page I made about it here.

Below lists this week's .plan file regarding the game.

RisingThumb .plan file for week ending 28/07/2020

This week has been satisfactory. I have practically quadrupled if not quintupled my work output, by adhering to a simple plan of avoiding social media and social interactions during the weekdays. This isn't much of a surprise to me considering social media drains time. I might ultimately suffer for taking this approach, but I think ultimately it's the correct approach as I current see very few benefits from social media. It's a worse form of media compared to classical text, playing games, videos or just movies. The details ultimately aren't important here. Prior to this point in the game's development the game saw only an elementary loot and AI system, a single AI and a level generation system and a buggy lighting system. I still need to produce a lot more game assets however, which will not be very enjoyable task. The design of a .plan file is * for implemented features, + for fixed bugs, and no prefix for bugs that have been noted.

* Items can now be thrown. They bounce. Their velocities and damages are derived from stack size
* Telepathic Mapping stim has been added
* Loot Tables and loot generation has been properly introduced. Uses predetermined in data loot tables for that level
* AI Dictionary has been added. Many AI can be used. Each using a source scene to determine the AI script
* AI Tables and AI generation has been properly introduced. Uses predetermined in data AI tables for the level.
* Explosives have been added. Explosive barrels and Explosive Zombies are in now. Explosive weapons? Stims exploding on throw?
* Particle system properly added. Particles are now independant of their creator, so multiple can be used
* Crude Glitch shader used. Acts as a fake screen shake, so 2 birds with one stone
* Made rundead and explodead textures
* Zombie main body textures have been implemented
* Lore text system implemented. Needs triggers though
* Lore system trigger implemented. Used currently in Tutorial. Should be extended for random lore texts depending on floor?
* Tutorial has been added(With the tutorial texts)
* CPU-Based Line of Sight Shadow casting for relevant walls within 200 units has been added
* Light2D has been mostly removed with the exception of the player's light. Replaced with baking the lights. Done because Light2D is horribly inefficient. Ends up with ~50-60FPS on a browser. I blame Light2D.

+ Fixed issues with explosives not using the proper values
+ Slight efficiency optimisation with main body textures. Preloaded prior to use
+ Reload can be spammed.
+ LOS shadow should
+ Left click in Terminals triggering an item use
+ Tutorial Teleporter needs to be fixed

Items, Lore terminals need indicator that they can be interacted with.
Lore Terminal without an existing file will crash.
Baked Lighting has some issues with large sizes.

Published on 2020/07/28

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