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Field archery is better than Olympic Archery

I was recently shown Field Archery in a video by Lindybeige. Honestly, it turns archery into much more of a game, than it does a sport- but for that I think it's cooler. It also matches up much more with the Robin Hood or medieval combat idea of what archery is.

=> Field Archery - like normal archery, except miles better

But then this begs the question of the difference between a sport and a game. I would argue the main distinguishing factor is a sport is a game that can be played competitively. Probably disagrees with common logic, but a lot of Sports TV Networks consider both Chess and Poker to be sports, which by the fallacy of Appealing to Authority(and because I do think they both are sports despite this), I'll say this can be extended to competitive games.

In the case of field archery, it's much closer to a game, as the exact rules change from organisation to organisation, and the circumstances surrounding the game are always different.

Published on 2022/06/08

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