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The Evils of Feminism

=> Feminism is a twisted Hydra where it's evils can be seen in many areas of society today- even to the women, it leaves a cruel mark, leaving them childless, alone and single. A boss babe spent $19k on freezing eggs, focusing on career instead of a husband- and upon unfreezing them, all those eggs failed- her maternal instinct denied as she regressed as a wild animal. A genetic dead end.

This example alone presents the issue of the 2nd and 3rd waves of Feminism- their increased focus on careers and equalling their Male counterparts in jobs... and in this they have been deceived by scientists and businessmen for a quick buck. This alone draws anger directed at those frauds- as they left these women misinformed and corrupted their desires towards more profits and more workers. This particular aspect is only worsening, as I have seen in the London tube plenty of misleading advertising in support of this.

One head of this hydra slain, and many more pop up.

The happiness of Women has decrease markedly. As women were more satisfied than men in 1970s, this has taken a sharp reversal as men nowadays are more satisfied. This aligns suspiciously well with the sexual liberation movement, and with second wave feminism- so now we will take a moment to discuss the waves of Feminism. The first wave, which I have no issue with, is about legal equality. The right to vote and such things like that- such legal points to make them as citizens, but not denying them their feminine qualities. Now second wave feminism brought the increase to equality brought to careers as women wanted equal payment for work, and wanting more legal preference regarding birth control and abortion- this aligns very well with the sexual liberation movement which brought about the spread of STDs, the use and proliferation of birth control. This spread of birth control has virally spread promiscuity, made cheating easier, normalised polygamy and made sex an incredibly casual act. Nowadays women tend to have "double digits" of body count and sexual engagements. So now this is the result of these two, and third wave feminism comes in with the Orwellian mantra of "Women are equal to men... but more equal than Men" as legal cases overwhelmingly prefer women, marriage settlements overwhelmingly prefer women- hypergamy has made all women prefer the top 1% of men and anything less is "settling", which once again corrodes the family values that once were so important to a nation.

Chop, chop, chop. More heads of the Hydra sliced- birth control causing casual sex and corroding long term relationships. The excessive inequalisation in favour of women, pulling off the blindfold of Justice, in favour of resources taken for Women.

And more heads of this Hydra present themselves. Lets talk about Birth Control some more. Firstly, there's natural birth control- no issues there. Then there's the condom- no issue there either. Then there's "The Pill", this is advertised as giving Women control, but in reality it strips control out of their hands, rendering them infertile after prolonged use, and throwing their hormones into the wilds- and so their physiology and their psychology suffers too with their hormones out of balance. Then you have Abortion- which I support as those who have to abort, are dysgneic anyway... It is again another lamb slain to the "sacredness" of a marriage.

All of this is even exploited by the Government, as marriage is a theological bond between a man and his wife- but the Government intervenes, bringing legality and asset splits that overwhelmingly prefer women into what should be a bond before God- not a bond before taxes.

The head of Birth Control slit. The head of the family jeers its eyes at us now- and we see several drops. A drop in the amount of sex men are having, a drop in the fertility rate of these countries where Feminism is rampant... and a drop in traditional values. In its most extreme case, with South Korea... a fertility rate of 0.7 children to each couple, this low fertility rate is economically enforced in 60 hour work weeks that those Feminist "career" women engage with. This same lack of time is present in dual income families in the west, often brought about due to the insane cost of living in those countries... so Children cannot be afforded, lest they lose their ability to engage in surrogate activities. Video games... Funko Pop collecting... etc. So now you have a nation that is shrinking, that is increasingly old, that is increasingly engaged in surrogate activities, that is increasingly unable to spend their money, increasingly time-starved and what do they do?

Of course the natural answer is to bring in immigrants. Now this addresses the issue of a decreasing fertility rate, but you have an unusual issue of these people often not speaking the same language or bringing useful skills... and more often than not their visas don't permit them to work so they expire and are forced to commit crime to bring in money- of course this is the worst case of immigrants. It is commonly said that German immigrants are highly sought after as their skills are among the best among many subjects. While not the focus here, this demonstrates how deeply Feminism's roots have coiled around society- how it fits within the larger picture of Europe's immigrant crisis.

Another head, and we see that Masculinity and Femininity are dead. What do I mean? Perhaps it is my opinion, perhaps it is the LGBTQ ideas being expressed everywhere... but Men are increasingly being told "to just be themselves" and "to be nice" which are the agreeable qualities found in the Feminine- while Women are increasingly told to "stand up for themselves against the patriarchy and oppression" which are the disagreeable and aggressive qualities found in Masculinity- so a reversal of roles. This is probably worsened by how Academia prefers an orderly mind, that is found in the Feminine mindset, so these Feminine cultural ideas proliferate and dominate in academia, as the culture seeks to be a monoculture.

Let us now see another head rearing from the broken families of a divorce- in fact... over 20% of American families are broken families with single parents- which are often a toxic slew of weaponised kids caught up in the war of their parents- and so they grow up with the "daddy issues" of an absent Father, the "mummy issues" of an overprotective mother, or often grow up with a myriad of anxieties and other mental illnesses that are found mostly in single parent households. What a tragedy for the next generation- and these issues are easily inherited to the next, so this will take at least 2 generations to fix, if not more. A tragedy that aligns with increasing record cases of mental illnesses.

So we've briefly mentioned hypergamy, lets give it the time it deserves. So it's no surprise women tend to marry and date upwards in social class. This means the top 20% of men. However overrepresentation of the top 1% of men in social media has corrupted the perception of top men- AND, equality in job opportunities and wages has also meant women seek a man who can provide more than they can financially- while at the same time using this same basis to complain about oppression or inequality. This is the death spiral of endless hypergamy mixed with endless equalising. As such they never settle, and become single for the rest of their lives.

The likelihood of cooperation in slaying this dragon, is unlikely. This is on the point of hyperstitions- that women believe all men are oppressors and sexist pigs, that men believe all women are whores or sluts... these are ideas that exist only when the other idea is believed by other people. As such you have an increasing divide being wedged and hammered in between the sexes which doesn't help anyone- and oh! What a loaded word that has become, the sexes! Corrupted by the transgender people who believe genitalia is irrelevant to sex, believing tha self-assigned identity is their womanhood or manhood. Utter crap and delusion.

I'll briefly mention here, that the "passport bros" who go overseas to find a woman in the face of this Hydra of issues plaguing both Men and Women, will face a different issue. This is the issue of interracial relationships. In the face of cultural barriers, do interracial relationships work more often than relationships in the same race? Often, they fail more- but I could not find studies on interracial as in different countries of origin, only on the more commonly thought idea of race by skin colour and physical attributes. But really, this shouldn't come as much of a surprise... the "hood" culture of black people in America is one that gives senseless violence all the time- it is no wonder a woman would value their safety over such a culture and such a relationship. Inversely is white men with asian women, as the beauty standard and culture of asian countries reveres the white skin- while white men tend to revere the tan skin- but whether that survives a language and cultural barrier... I don't know.

If you have sharp eyes, you will have seen a pattern. The EVIL of Feminism is in how all the heads of that hydra are preachers of death.

"'Life is only suffering' thus others of them speak, and they do not lie: so see to it that you cease to live! So see to it that the life that is only suffering ceases!
'Giving birth is laborious' - say others - 'why go on giving birth? One gives birth only to unhappy children!' And they too are preachers of death."

Thus spoke Zarathustra, and thus feminism is coated in the sticky zeal of antinatalism.

I hope with this, I have presented the many heads of Feminism, and the many evils of it. I would answer to this at a basic level, that Birth Control should be restricted- not altogether outlawed but restricted far more, that the appropriate balance of planned parenthood and casualness of sex is met. Apart from that, I do not know much what can be done to fix this; so much is so deeply rooted into the culture that it matches Rome's decadence in its failing years. There is far more depth here, as theology comes in too- why polygamy is terrible- why immigration is not as simple as "immigrants" as it's much more of a demographic and economic issue. Ultimately though, I condemn Feminism for its evil, and how deceptively evil it is in particular- they say Satan is a deceiver who deceived women, and what do we see here, but the deception of Women, and the ruinous action upon it.

Published on 2024/02/01

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