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Who am I?

I'm Aaron Leonard. I'm known for making some games. You may also know me from some of the Screencasts and Videos I put out on YouTube.

This site is where I post blog posts, which you can find below. I also cover any modding, or topics of note above in the headers. Take a look through the different things there, maybe something interests, and maybe nothing interests you.

This site is minimalist by choice, not by lack of knowledge. I don't deny that brilliant work can be made with the frameworks and technology available now, but I do deny that they should be used for everything. Electron applications and the RAM consumption alone for those are proof alone for this.

Enjoy your time on this website.

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    Hi, if you like what I do and want to support me, feel free to make a donation. All donations go towards keeping myself alive with any hardware I need, as well as upgrading or and running server(s?). I also make games, and write programs that are Free and Open Source Software, often with an MIT License. If you've used any such software, or gotten any joy or use out of any, consider sending a tip my way.

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