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A week ago I said I would do some videos. I... haven't. In the meanwhile, I have been using Godot. I have now decided that each week I will release a build of Bermuda Glitch.

=> You can find the first version here

In other news, I have also made a 4chan client for browsing threads and posts without images.

=> You can find that here

If you haven't subscribed to my YouTube channel, I recommend going and doing that, since I will be doing a few videos next week.

Published on 2020/01/07

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There are forbidden topics in the hacker community. One is sternly reprimanded for bringing them up, by their peers, their leaders, and the community at large. In private, one can expect threats and intimidation; in public, outcry and censorship. The forbidd…

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Exploring Command-line space time

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