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I have a lot of interest in Languages and representation of Computer Programs. Here lies some of these Programming language projects I have written:


TWOONENINE-Lang was an experiment in "multi-stack", "multi-environment" programming where the environment and their variables would persist from node to node. This could have also allowed me to extend the nodes with custom behaviours. I got as far as implementing the core language, but never implemented the node behaviours beyond Node 0.

Personally nowadays, I think a mixture of this, and Forth/Uxntal style languages could be possible, and maybe even beneficial. These languages are stack based languages, that operate on a single(two?) stacks. If expanded to several stacks, routines could be written developing upon this, easing longer term stacking of data in memory. Perhaps even nodes operating on nodes... or stacks operating on stacks? Perhaps even stacks used as framebuffers or audio channels.

=> See the source code for the interpreter here


An implementation of the esoteric language Brainfuck, using a different set of characters. This was written as an exploration into interpreters and getting my feet wet.

=> See the source code for the interpreter here


I have an interest in markdown languages, in particular simpler representation. Currently for Werc I use an awk script that converts gemini's markdown language into valid HTML, with a few alterations(HTML embedding in a similar to code embedding with ```, and image linking in a similar way to URL linking). This language was my first step into writing markdown generators, written primarily for writing cooking recipes, and for learning Bash scripting.

=> See the source code for the generator here