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Sores of the Sarcophagus

Nails etch in a mind uncouth,
Callously ignore advice for the youth.
"Do not visit ivied Sarcopha good lad,
or visit dead streets about leaking sores".
The lesson ignored, venturing to explore
    Decrepit Sarcopha.

I step and I creep,
Sweeping ill vines from their sleep.
A forgone conclusion, a sore so deep,
Witness to terrors that leave me to weep,
    For lost Sarcopha.

As shadows do fall, A teror does rise.
All flesh too seared to describe,
A gag reflex, I choke and reveal;
Formless devils crawl to unpeel.
    Shadows rape Sarcopha.

If only you knew, 5 bullets let loose,
And left me to sleep, the last is my noose.
    Buried beneath Sarcopha.