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Black Wind Books

Hello everyone, I'm proud to announce that my Book Shop is now open, and you're able to purchase books! For now there's only 1, which is a short pamphlet I have written, however I am working on bringing several public domain books up to modern typesetting standards, with very little frivolous commentary and the like.

You can see the book shop here


I will write about the technical details on my blog at a later point in time.

Further work is needed for several points:

- Shipping information set up to be emailed to customers(This point needs improvement, for now, if your order has been longer than ~20 days get in touch).

- Refactor the source code for a public release

- Provide alternative currency options(USD, EUR)

- More comprehensive test suite improvements

Additionally, if you have any books, zines or works that you'd like to see better typeset and widely available, get in touch! I'm open to collaborating on this!

Published on 2024/01/22

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