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Removed self-hosted git instance. This was because I was getting a lot of server requests, and upon some research, it was due to cgit being poorly made, using python3 behind the scenes so it ate a lot of CPU usage, and also cost a lot of network usage. To add onto this, it's mostly because there is a webcrawling bot that *isn't spamming my site* but it does present the issues in my site as my cgit stuff doesn't work great.

For now I have moved the few repositories I thought were worth keeping up, to my github. These are mostly my werc apps. I'll see about doing the same with my dotfiles and suckless software setup.

I'm still unsure how I should handle hosting my git repositories for others to use. Ideally, I'd have just a plain werc app that does this stuff. Perhaps I'll have to make one myself... Added to the Tech want list.