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I did a bit more modification to the website. I tried out a selection of colour schemes, and settled on this one. I also embraced 2 lines of Javascript for the randomised banner for the main page. In the past it used to be that clicking the banner did something, but I think I'll just leave it there for the aesthetic of it.

Published on 2020/01/08

Articles from blogs I follow around the net

The forbidden topics

There are forbidden topics in the hacker community. One is sternly reprimanded for bringing them up, by their peers, their leaders, and the community at large. In private, one can expect threats and intimidation; in public, outcry and censorship. The forbidd…

via Drew DeVault's blog September 29, 2023

Exploring Command-line space time

via Fabien Sanglard September 26, 2023


via I'm not really Stanley Lieber. September 25, 2023

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