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Workout and Diet plans

Relevant information about me

Age: 23, Height: 175cm, Neck: 39cm, Waist: 85cm, Hip: 87cm, Wrist: 16cm, Forearm: 22cm, Weight: 58.5kg.

Using Covert Bailey Method, I am currently on 18.3% body fat. I intend to get this to 15% body fat at least, and preferably down closer to 10%. Additionally my BMI is 19.6. The goal isn't weight loss, but body fat loss. Weight loss may actually be a negative, as building up some muscle, in particular for my arms.

Current workout plan

The idea here, is the aerobic exercise will constitute most of the body fat loss, this is doubly true on days where I do intermittent fasting. As I currently cannot do a single pull-up, a lot of my exercise goals are built around that, focusing on improving upper body strength, in particular core strength as core strength is especially important for pull-ups. Other "unexplained" elements are to cover the majority of the body.

Idea is to eventually remove Dead hangs in favour of pull-ups. I may also add in some weight training of some variety. This is designed to avoid the "Gym", as travel for that will consume a lot of time.

Current Diet plan

Note when I mention fast, that is a water fast. I haven't looked much into the distinction between dry and water fasts.


=> [1] Gluten and other agents of Mental Disease
=> [2] The Truth about Fluoride website that cites a lot of sources
=> [3] Sorry, did you just say there are hormones in my tap water?

Published on 2023/03/09

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