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Ultimate convenience, symptom of sickness

Ultimate convenience is symptomatic of the underground man. Only in inconvenient convenience, and convenient inconvenience do we convene with that spirit of lightning- Übermensch- to carve our own path towards convenience or inconvenience. In that, we balance upon a stake's point as convenience and inconvenience are both sicknesses of the underground man. They will only ever be the virtues of utopia and her sunset-stretched shadow of dystopia. That in convenience, virility dries up, and will wilts away, and in choking inconvenience apathy begins to grip at our feet as we sink deeper into the swamp, lulled deeper by the will o' wisp whispering false conveniences of submission.

The poison pragmatist puts one foot in the grave with his ideal utilitarianism, a blanket ghost of convenience. The apathetic authoritarian puts one foot in the grave with his ideal inconveniences. Both feet sink deeply into the mud that mires convenience- you cannot escape politicks without convenience and inconvenience and their desired design.

Uncloaked, so many conveniences beget inconveniences that hack and slash at the blood and virility of a nation- as an example, the money sink that is the car-dependent nation of America. Pragmatic poison that renders the car a compulsory convenience.

A convenience of inconvenience- such as human interaction, a fabled inconvenience to many, striked out in favour of the better convenience of loneliness and systematic destruction of social ties and bonds has been bought in falsifying a convenience as inconvenience, for nature is an excellent designer. This convenience of inconvenience and its rarer brotherly inconvenient convenience underlies our population, as what is pure inconvenience becomes hard and brittle, like the dead cracking oak. What is pure convenience is soft and pliable to ease its disintegration. Only a perfect conference of convenience and inconvenience, produces something soft and tough, as a grown sapling shaping to the course of the wind.

In this too, shaping others on this is infeasible without weaponising the wind to warp wisemen to your desires, and in doing, petrifying them in the shape of your perfect propaganda, your perfect hatred, your perfect silence- this petrification of a glass canopy darkening the floor and crushing what youthful ideas could emerge. Only such petrifying propaganda, superstitions and hyperstitions could set these seeds.

Always those two, the Underground man and the Üntermenschen man glare upon what embodies life, virtue, virility- always seeking with perfect convenience and inconvenience to shape it and petrify it, so that Eden exists as petrified paradise, forever frozen and burning with the dull flame of desire that embodies all inconvenience and convenience.

Understand what designs convenience and inconvenience, and what its winds strip you of, and you'll understand the social canopy and rooted issues that plague you. The creeping western catastrophe is one of designed convenenience and its tremors are felt in the mental state, hyperstitions of its people, grating sexual frustrations, political unrest and in the sinking quality and cost of life.

An invisible cost of convenience is an invisible hand shaken with Faust.

Published on 2023/11/05

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