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Determining your Issue


The way you view the world is very likely downright bonkers. Absurd and delusional. I can see that you want to improve, but people who read posts like this think cutting off the internet is the way to improve. You likely did this a few months ago leaving and came back online. Did that fix your issues... symptoms? No, because the internet isn't The issue. It's a distraction, escape and cope from The issue. I'm not naming it as I don't know it for you, but you're a smart guy if you got here, think on it. Your issue is The issue. Let me give an analogy for how you'll work out The issue.

A person with dietary issues from drinking too many sugary drinks. Takes medicine for it. The medicine causes them to have brutal headaches. They then take more medicine for it. This new medicine causes them to have irritable bowels. These irritable bowels creates an agoraphobia from not being near toilets. A sequence of copes, creating copes to distance themselves from The issue. When it's figured out, assessed and sorted, all these symptoms disappear. The symptoms are not The issue. It's a tangled ball of yarn, and you're lost in the labyrinth, unable to see the threads for the yarn, that you may weave the life you want- instead it knots, chafes and burns at what's dear to you.

Via Negativa

In theology Via Negativa is understanding God, by what he isn't. If you don't know your issue in the same way we don't know God, we can begin to understand them by what they aren't. Apply this, find your issue, and then you'll be able to figure out your issues and make proper fixes against them.

As for what those fixes are. Well, just do the fixes. You're smart enough, and if you truly want something, you'll do it. We're all addicted to our true wants, and our surface wants, the want for candy, often ignores the addiction to our want for feeling good. Tackle why you want to feel good, why you want to feel and why you want, and the whole chain becomes transparent- in transparency you can make a good decision.

Herd Wants and Ego's wants

It's worth considering, the joys of the herd's wants are older than the joys of the ego's wants- the elders hold wisdom... but I'm sure we've all heard our Grandmother say some downright bonkers things. Man must overcome himself and his herd- for they are another arrow pointed for the joyous cliffs at the end of the bridge.

Published on 2023/09/12

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