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Moved my system to Linux

I have gotten around to moving my main system over to Linux. I am running Arch Linux, with default config files provided by Luke's LARBS project. I have modified a fair amount of the configs provided in the mean time, moving from its default music player to cmus.

I have also gotten Aseprite, Godot, Steam and Discord setup as well. With regards to both Discord and Steam, they don't play the nicest with DWM but they play well enough. I will need to make adjustments to a few batch scripts I was using previously to batch export source aseprite files, however that should be a quick fix.

I have also set up a proper game design document for the project I have chosen to title The Bermuda Theory, primarily based on its location. I will probably talk more about its development later on, especially with respect to its level generation, as Godot's Scene system makes procedural generation by means of chunks or modules particularly easy and incredibly powerful due to the tree-based nature of it.

Published on 2020/05/18

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