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The Pessimist's Why

I believe every pessimist is responsible for asking a question along the lines of:

Why did you do that?

Why bother with that?

Why? It seems so useless.

Why bother when X situation?

These questions can also come in a similar form of "what's the point of..." but sometimes that can be a case of seeking genuine understanding. Now to elaborate on this...

The pessimist's why I believe stems partly from Apathy granted by the collapse of their value structures(usually due to some event or nihilism). Now nihilism alone isn't a bad concept. In fact, in some ways it's an empowering concept but it's a hurdle to almost every man, once they consider the question of why they should bother living. If they are unable to answer it, and their value systems collapse, they have to either construct their own new value system to replace this, or they will likely try to fill this void with some other content. Content by means of consumerism typically- which is in its very nature an entirely insatiable beast if granted its wishes. It's worth noting not all consumerism is bad, but for the sake of nullifying how they have no reason or values to sustain their life it is inherently a void to distract them from developing a new value structure to continue with life.

Building on this, I would like to propose one such event which can bring this. The Duning-Kruger effect- when a person is learning a new subject they will often reach a peak of confidence if left unchecked. If left unchecked, they will be given a stark and crushing realisation in the Valley of Despair that can make them reconsider why they bothered with it. And naturally this question can lead into a person's insecurities and sap their joy of a subject. Or bring them to reconsider the subject to learn. Lets take a look at this ourselves shall we?

What do you see in there friend? A discussion of topics, a sharing of ideals and opinions. One man shows off his recent creative endeavours in programming, another with a whiskey in hand and bags beneath his eyes.

Elaborate on this, what is it they are talking about? One of them is talking in excitement on the language he has learnt, the tools and the trade. He seems rejuvinated by this presentation- given meaning by how his work has improved his life- in a small way but a non-significant way. His will-to-power bringing him to make a creative effort in his work; Yes, and the other pray-tell friend how does he respond?

His eyes seem glazen and uninterested, a thousand yard stare broken only by the dehydrating blinks of those dry bagged eyes. Enervated, he stops the young lad and asks him a question of monotone importance. "What's the point of this? I could just buy someone else's?"- what more than the flagellation of that poor sod's espirit; crumpled- What's the point do I hear that right? The pessimistic why? The driving nail of broken values compensated with material. A compensation for a debt of energy and will. No more! No more! I can't bear to see such a horrific sight spun by the looms of pessimism!

But what am I talking of here, The pessimistic why! Why do I bother to write this very piece to talk about this? Because of my values. Because I choose in the face of no belief to adopt and construct a set of values sufficient and rejuvinating; a set that I follow through day by day in the construction of a fairer and improved ego. Not that empty glass of self-asserted woes and pities by those pessimists!

Enough? Enough! I hope at this curve you see the pit of despair and zealous consumerism that a pessimistic why causes- on your own and your comrades; a systematic eradication of those lively values that gave you a will! Go out and construct something, and in the question of "Why?", an answer remains: To accomplish the full spectacle of my values. VALUES! Beyond comprehension of a Nihilist- espeically one that has yoten them out their broken glass.

Published on 2020/09/20

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