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IndieWeb Carnival of April Final Roundup

It is May the 1st, which brings us to the close of April and brings us into the start of May's carnival hosted by Juha-Matti Santala.

Regarding the Zine, I'll begin putting this together over this month and available either towards the end of May or in June- both as a free PDF and a physical copy!

Thanks to everybody who submitted entries! It was interesting to read a lot of the different views on quality especially since it's a very personal and opinionated thing that is hard to nail down.

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What If "Good Enough" Is Actually Great? (English)

Devon's article brings up the interesting point about the Potter's Parable, that quantity leads to quality! Good enough as a point is needed to produce quality over enough time, otherwise, nothing is made. It's interesting to think about, and think about how it extends to larger quantities and longer to produce work.

=> By Devon

IndieWeb Carnival: Good enough and the search for perfection (English)

Short, sweet and sharp, with a metaphor about descriptive geometry and parallel lines that cross at infinity. I'll definitely be keeping this metaphor in my backpocket since it's brilliant!

=> By Manuel Moreale

IndieWeb Carnival: Sufficientemente Buono (Italian)

Unfortunately I don't speak Italian.

=> By Go With The Flow

The World is Good Enough (English)

A good enough that removes slack, and optimises for 100% efficiency- but unfortunately it becomes the 50% efficiency as it's squeezed every last drop of will from people. Andrei presents an interesting reflection on the phrase "If it ain't broken, don't fix it".

=> By

Good Enough until it’s replaced (English)

"Build a better mouse trap, and the world will beat a path to your door". Basically the mouse trap is the most patented and invented device in US history, but there's always room for innovation.

But then like all mice traps... You still need to maintain it. Remove dead mice, rearm them etc. There's always room for improvement, and sometimes this improvement is the disruption that breaks beyond Good Enough.

=> By Chris

Serenity of Good Enough (English)

A systematic and definition-focused approach looking at what good, and then what enough means, and then going from there to what it means for Kenan- reminds me of Spinoza in the good ways(and certainly not in his dry way)!

=> By Kenan

IndieWeb Carnival April 2024: Good Enough is Good Enough (English)

An exceptional article that's brilliant and provides a lot of tangents and subjects- casting a wide net of subjects in a short space with sharp and well-made points. Some of the points that were interesting here, was the discussion on economies of scale, individual responsibility, and in the time sensitivity that quality often has.

In many ways, this is a celebration of a lot of the different good options! Excellent article!

=> By Sara

Good Enough can still be Enough (English)

Bekah shows how a lot of the time, quality is killed off by a swamp and swarm of other issues and motivations- most often is litigation, though sometimes it can just be choice and analysis paralysis, or even the feeling of having to use everything in the toolbox.

An interesting take from a programmer, about how good enough is sometimes the name of the game.

=> By Bekah

Good Enough (English)

Alex provides an exploration of enshittification and the surplus of low-quality items on the market- and a comparison to how most people don't feel good enough nowadays. A call for the inversion of where are standards about good enough are.

=> By Alex Sirac

Good enough as a power for good (English)

A unique exploration that goes well with Devon's points above about the Potter's Parable, as "Done is the engine is of more"- that said it explores much more the mental health impacts of achieving Done and good enough.

=> By Juha-Matti Santala

indieweb carnival: suficientemente bueno (Spanish)

Unfortunately I don't speak Spanish.

=> By Ankaph

My site’s new look will be good enough (English)

Jeremy explores the conflict between good enough, the economics of hiring or buying something better and how there's not much money in good enough, but a lot when you go beyond good enough- as well as the aesthetics of it all. An interesting read!

=> By Jeremy Cherfas

What Is Good Enough? (English)

A happy coincidence that the theme strikes so close to Barry which points out some interesting thoughts like how quality is very dependent upon subject and domain, as well as how most people don't really know what they want out of success. An interesting perspective on this!

=> By Barry Hess

Never Give Your Best At Work (English)

An article that contrasts nicely with Devastatia's article. I thought it was interesting as it points out how hard work is rarely rewarded well or proportionally-- and as a result we get our modern problems of Quiet Quitting and China's "Lying Flat" movements. An interesting perspective on work.

=> By Matthew Greybosch

Enough (English)

A short reflection on how enough rarely feels like enough, especially when it comes to personal finance or health, and an exploration of what is enough?

=> By Jason

Work to Live, Live to Work (English)

Devastatia provides a sharp, witty and insightful exploration on how most people work to live, but also the opposite case of living to work seeing how most people want retirement or to be out of work without a further goal beyond it. It's an interesting exploration that contrasts very nicely with Matthew's article above!

=> By Devastatia

good enough (English)

An exploration of good enough, and the length of time, and drifting aim of Good Enough- in a way that reminds me of the city of Thekla from invisible cities. "Why is Thekla's construction taking such a long time?". An interesting exploration on the time with enough and the aim!

=> By Jess Driscoll

Good Enough (English)

Steve explores the bullshit and facade that is perfection's guise- making it into a human scale and perfectly achievable-- while also contrasting this against the "gluttony of quality"(to take a term from C.S. Lewis' screwtape letters) that modern life is full of when interacting with gig workers.

=> By Steve

My Site Redesign is Good Enough (English)

A brief exploration of CSS and how good enough CSS is simple CSS(and the descent into insanity that CSS spawns).

=> By Pablo Morales

On the Fish in the Sea (English) does a psychological and fishing-based exploration of relationships, covering the economics and the culture that's formed around the modern online dating market!

=> By

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