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Advent of Code

LANGUAGES: Python3, Golang, GDScript


Advent of Code is a yearly programming challenge where you are given a puzzle to solve in code, and then a variation of that puzzle to solve. They are often Datastructures and Algorithm-heavy, being "leetcode"-adjacent. I have participated in this several times over the years. The ouzzles get significantly harder each day, to the point that it would often take an hour or two to solve them, which is why I never finished it to the 25th day. Add in that it's in Christmas time, and time is often short in that month...


1/25 Days completed. Abandoned as was a bit burnt on programming during this time.


The main object of the 2021 Advent of Code was to learn the Go programming language sufficiently to be able to compare it to C. It has a lot of respectable qualities in the same way as C, but doesn't have quite as many pain points(which it pays for in performance). Where scripts are usually written in Python, Go is often a suitable alternative(and is THE Alternative in a lot of cases as seen by various packages on Linux!). I participated in the Scott Logic leaderboard for this years advent of code.

=> Advent of Code, 18/25 Days completed, solutions in Go


In 2020, I chose to write my solutions in GDScript. This wasn't terrible or great. I cannot remember why I only got to day 6.

=> Advent of Code 6/25 Days completed, solutions in GdScript


In 2019, I chose to write my solutions in Python while in University. Python turned out to have performance degradation issues quite commonly, so I learnt very quickly how important data structures are in this Advent of Code. I took this one more seriously than 2018, as I had some experience. I believe I participated in the Lainchan leaderboard for this year's advent of code.

=> Advent of Code 14/25 Days completed, solutions in Python3


My first time participating in Advent of Code, restrained by lack of time alongside University studies.

=> Advent of Code 7/25 Days completed, solutions in Python3