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Regarding the phrase "dude you're not an expert, you shouldn't be sharing these opinions"?

You know those people who say "dude you're not an expert, you shouldn't be sharing these opinions"? There's a contradiction in this statement:

1. To share your opinion that someone shouldn't be sharing their opinions because they are not an expert, applies to themselves as well. Thus they also assert they are an expert in when an opinion can be shared.

2. A definition of expert must be reached- a definition that I think is as corrupted as the definition of "artist", which nowadays means "whoever I want".

3. Thus, the statement is an appeal to authority to an ambiguous and poorly defined authority(2), and assertion of their own authority(1) which is again poorly defined(2).

4. Thus, having multiple fallacies. I conclude that this statement is used exclusively by those who are in their heart bad faith. I also conclude the person had serious trauma as a kid that whipped them into subservience to authority- thus it's a point made by those who want to be slaves and want bondage.

Published on 2024/03/03

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