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Social Media is Garbage(but you already knew that already)

There really isn't much to say. I have for a long time now, deactivated my Facebook account, Twitter Account and deleted my Reddit Account. I still have a LinkedIn account I should get around to deleting sometime. The only Social Medias I use is Discord as its functionality as a Chat Application is quite good and useful, though I have made a video covering why it is pretty awful(I have found a good client to use for this. Cordless). I also use YouTube but only in the most restricted sense, I just use its RSS feeds and Newsboat for the channels I care for. Regardless, I feel the need to bring up the reasons for why not to use Social Media. It's an industry where the commodity is your attention and data, and it's sold to the highest bidder(advertisers). They employ a great deal of psychological tricks to keep you hooked in to consuming useless impossible to apply and amateurish content. You also have very limited control over what you see. Quite simply in one phrase.

Social Media is not freedom respecting.

Leave it and you'll gain the benefits of a non-user who doesn't compulsively check Social Media. Focus for projects and tasks that matter to you. Boredom to motivate you to consume meaningful, useful or engaging media. A greater appreciation for social contact and discussions with real people. The "Boomer" takes on Social Media aren't wrong, they are just not brainwashed and zucced. A point on privacy should be noted, as none of these respect your privacy, however a lot of people prefer convenience over privacy, and are all too willing to give up freedoms and rights in exchange for legalese outlawing actions made by people who inadvertently offend them(and invoke their rights of freedom). A person who claims no freedoms, and submits; they all deserve to have it taken from it.

Just remind yourself, Social Media isn't freedom respecting, and aim to get out of those terrible places. Save your self-pity over wasted time, for other users. They'll need it. Imageboards and forums service as a better alternative to social media, as they are freedom-respecting and generally privacy-respecting.

But you already knew all this!

Published on 2020/01/10

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