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LANGUAGES: rc shell, Bash shell, C

What is my public facing website. It is my site where I host, and provide links to various tools- have subdomains for dedicated projects and host my blog.


This site uses Werc as a framework. Werc is a CGI-based framework that allows me to use whatever language I wish to extend it. So far most of my extensions are written in rc, the shell scripting language used by the Plan9 Operating System. My main site is listed as one of the sites powered by Werc. The site is hosted on a VPS running Debian, that I update using SSH and Git. This site uses the various tools of Plan9 ported to Linux in the Plan9port.

=> See Werc here
=> See 9front here, the spiritual successor to Plan9

Werc apps


Goralog(name inspired by Agoraroad's travelogue, a blog posting thread) is my blogging tool. This features all of my blog posts maintained across the various versions of my site. It features Valid RSS feeds, a blog editor and uploader, and uses my own extension upon the Gemini markdown format. This is inspired by the Gemini protocol which was particularly influential in how I view markdown languages. This is easily extended to feature any additional metadata I want, and overrides the default directory listing, so headers and footers are easily added.

=> View my blog here!
=> Goralog source code
=> Gemini markdown format


Gallery is a werc app that overrides the default directory listing for Gallery-like image listings.

=> Gallery source code
=> See it in action in my Achtung gallery site


One of the official Werc apps is Dirdir. I extended this as my wiki/site maintaining tool to be more fully fledged.

=> Dirdir source code
=> My build of Dirdir


An app that displays random aphorisms of Nietzsche's books. Made for fun.

=> Nietzsche quotes


An app that provides a very simple web interface for reading and linking the King James Bible, and the Apocrypha. Written as I normally cite KJV Bible in theological discussion, and because I consider the Apocrypha to be useful when discussing Biblical canon.

=> Bible


An app that provides a very simple way of doing presentations that have images and text, without the hassle of Microsoft Powerpoint or other editing tools, and can be interacted with in plaintext. This is not entirely my own, but rather this was reworked to work as a Werc app. Original author of the Javascript is unknown. Sent is suckless software's presentation tool. Unfortunately it lacks portability and can't be used on Windows machines.

=> Sent werc app
=> Sent tool's homepage