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Hey there! If you have a request to make of me, or any comments on the site, or any webring/collaboration interests... or even just want to say hi! Just leave a comment in the guestbook!


By: risingthumb (Mon Apr 29 22:14:34 GMT 2024)
Yeah, you do need Plan 9 tools for the most part. Some Linux variants work, but some things don't exist in Linux. Mainly the rc shell language(which is where the name Werc comes from).

This guestbook is kind of hacked together from the bridge "app" so there are limitations, I think it's mostly unicode or emojis that it falls apart with

Here's a link to the bridge "app" . It's one of the things on my ever-growing list of things to look into... doing a better comment system in werc, but then again I mostly use email so it's kinda unnecessary

By: Devastatia (Sun Apr 28 20:48:38 GMT 2024)
Does Werc specifically require Plan 9 tools? Would the Linux variants work?

Could've sworn I signed your guestbook, but I don't see my post.

Oh, it doesn't like the hearts in my name. Well, it's spelled with hearts, innit? :P

By: manuelmoreale (Tue Apr 2 19:28:13 GMT 2024)
Can't resist the temptation of signing a good ol guestbook! Thank you for hosting the IndieWeb Carnival and for picking such an interesting topic.

By: kaia (Mon Mar 4 19:24:53 GMT 2024)
Hii :)
I think your website is really cool! Love how you used werc but still made it look unique and feel comfy.

Have a great morning/day/evening

By: Bresal (Fri Feb 16 21:58:01 GMT 2024)
visited today via the Agora webring. clean setup! curious about the Libre Vitae, but I've got a lonnnng reading list right now... I'll be back someday!

By: dsteezy (Thu Feb 1 04:59:32 GMT 2024)
Hi :) Found ur site on cloudhiker (the new stumbleupon). Have a blessed day.

By: dsteezy (Thu Feb 1 04:59:30 GMT 2024)
Hi :) Found ur site on cloudhiker (the new stumbleupon). Have a blessed day.

By: aphroditelita (Wed Jan 31 22:51:43 GMT 2024)
hello, i am posting this comment on your webzone. i am a semi-anonymous web traveler who came across this webzone thru the synchronicity that drives us on all of our surfings of the web.

By: mrrobinhood5 (Wed Jan 17 00:47:01 GMT 2024)
i learned about werc today. thank you.

By: risingthumb (Wed Dec 13 00:11:45 GMT 2023)
Hiya Ipipipi and Catboy! Thanks everyone else for the kind words!

By: Catboy (Tue Dec 12 04:20:14 GMT 2023)
Found this on cloudhiker- hiya from MI! :3

By: Ipipipi (Sun Dec 10 17:27:04 GMT 2023)

By: kiyo (Mon Nov 27 13:01:05 GMT 2023)
you seem like a cool guy

By: noobie69 (Fri Nov 17 17:22:47 GMT 2023)
just learned about the world of personal websites and webrings

By: hi (Fri Nov 17 04:13:12 GMT 2023)
i am perusing your website :)

By: AntAuntGaming (Tue Nov 14 12:01:35 GMT 2023)
Greetings from UK!!

By: Nightman97 (Thu Nov 9 04:16:48 GMT 2023)
Cool site dude!

By: Aaron (Thu Nov 9 01:43:45 GMT 2023)
I'm leaving a comment here instead of working.

By: LeotardFetish (Fri Nov 3 14:03:31 GMT 2023)
this is bill from agora, just leaving some footprints

By: Tom_Cruise (Sat Sep 23 05:18:29 GMT 2023)
Pretty damn cool site, stay Cruisy .

By: IXin (Fri Sep 22 23:51:43 GMT 2023)
Man these webrings and neocities doodawhackies are so k00l for an oldfag like me.
Ackshully wanna read stuff that's on them.

By: MySpace_Tom (Sun Sep 17 00:00:10 GMT 2023)
Greetings from Agora!

By: anus (Thu Sep 14 03:53:21 GMT 2023)
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By: skelegorg (Wed Sep 13 23:56:02 GMT 2023)
nice website!

By: risingthumb (Wed Sep 13 18:34:10 GMT 2023)
Cheers Ck, Cheers Joe, Cheers Lost! Blessed be thy days too

By: ck (Tue Sep 12 19:07:49 GMT 2023)
nice stuff clean setup

By: ckoc (Mon Sep 11 21:45:52 GMT 2023)
cock and ball torture?

By: joej (Mon Sep 11 11:38:57 GMT 2023)
I like!

By: lost (Mon Sep 11 07:57:28 GMT 2023)
Blessed be thy day RisingThumb

By: joej (Sun Sep 10 23:09:19 GMT 2023)
hi rising thumb

a little birdy let me know about your site and i'm looking around


joe j

By: RisingThumb (Sun Aug 27 23:39:22 GMT 2023)
RisingThumb again, Thanks for the Greets! Testing with usernames

By: Glenda (Sun Aug 27 23:26:43 GMT 2023)
Your website looks really great. Hi from agora i guess

By: Glenda (Sun Aug 27 19:49:18 GMT 2023)
Greetings from Agora!

By: Glenda (Sun Aug 27 18:00:59 GMT 2023)
You're site is so fuggin based and cool and I love it and now it's even more awesome with this guestbook, holy shid

By: risingthumb (Sun Aug 27 17:36:09 GMT 2023)