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Hey there! If you have a request to make of me, or any comments on the site, or any webring/collaboration interests... or even just want to say hi! Just leave a comment in the guestbook!


By: manuelmoreale (Tue Apr 2 19:28:13 GMT 2024)
Can't resist the temptation of signing a good ol guestbook! Thank you for hosting the IndieWeb Carnival and for picking such an interesting topic.

By: kaia (Mon Mar 4 19:24:53 GMT 2024)
Hii :)
I think your website is really cool! Love how you used werc but still made it look unique and feel comfy.

Have a great morning/day/evening

By: Bresal (Fri Feb 16 21:58:01 GMT 2024)
visited today via the Agora webring. clean setup! curious about the Libre Vitae, but I've got a lonnnng reading list right now... I'll be back someday!

By: dsteezy (Thu Feb 1 04:59:32 GMT 2024)
Hi :) Found ur site on cloudhiker (the new stumbleupon). Have a blessed day.

By: dsteezy (Thu Feb 1 04:59:30 GMT 2024)
Hi :) Found ur site on cloudhiker (the new stumbleupon). Have a blessed day.

By: aphroditelita (Wed Jan 31 22:51:43 GMT 2024)
hello, i am posting this comment on your webzone. i am a semi-anonymous web traveler who came across this webzone thru the synchronicity that drives us on all of our surfings of the web.

By: mrrobinhood5 (Wed Jan 17 00:47:01 GMT 2024)
i learned about werc today. thank you.

By: risingthumb (Wed Dec 13 00:11:45 GMT 2023)
Hiya Ipipipi and Catboy! Thanks everyone else for the kind words!

By: Catboy (Tue Dec 12 04:20:14 GMT 2023)
Found this on cloudhiker- hiya from MI! :3

By: Ipipipi (Sun Dec 10 17:27:04 GMT 2023)

By: kiyo (Mon Nov 27 13:01:05 GMT 2023)
you seem like a cool guy

By: noobie69 (Fri Nov 17 17:22:47 GMT 2023)
just learned about the world of personal websites and webrings

By: hi (Fri Nov 17 04:13:12 GMT 2023)
i am perusing your website :)

By: AntAuntGaming (Tue Nov 14 12:01:35 GMT 2023)
Greetings from UK!!

By: Nightman97 (Thu Nov 9 04:16:48 GMT 2023)
Cool site dude!

By: Aaron (Thu Nov 9 01:43:45 GMT 2023)
I'm leaving a comment here instead of working.

By: LeotardFetish (Fri Nov 3 14:03:31 GMT 2023)
this is bill from agora, just leaving some footprints

By: Tom_Cruise (Sat Sep 23 05:18:29 GMT 2023)
Pretty damn cool site, stay Cruisy .

By: IXin (Fri Sep 22 23:51:43 GMT 2023)
Man these webrings and neocities doodawhackies are so k00l for an oldfag like me.
Ackshully wanna read stuff that's on them.

By: MySpace_Tom (Sun Sep 17 00:00:10 GMT 2023)
Greetings from Agora!

By: anus (Thu Sep 14 03:53:21 GMT 2023)
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By: skelegorg (Wed Sep 13 23:56:02 GMT 2023)
nice website!

By: risingthumb (Wed Sep 13 18:34:10 GMT 2023)
Cheers Ck, Cheers Joe, Cheers Lost! Blessed be thy days too

By: ck (Tue Sep 12 19:07:49 GMT 2023)
nice stuff clean setup

By: ckoc (Mon Sep 11 21:45:52 GMT 2023)
cock and ball torture?

By: joej (Mon Sep 11 11:38:57 GMT 2023)
I like!

By: lost (Mon Sep 11 07:57:28 GMT 2023)
Blessed be thy day RisingThumb

By: joej (Sun Sep 10 23:09:19 GMT 2023)
hi rising thumb

a little birdy let me know about your site and i'm looking around


joe j

By: RisingThumb (Sun Aug 27 23:39:22 GMT 2023)
RisingThumb again, Thanks for the Greets! Testing with usernames

By: Glenda (Sun Aug 27 23:26:43 GMT 2023)
Your website looks really great. Hi from agora i guess

By: Glenda (Sun Aug 27 19:49:18 GMT 2023)
Greetings from Agora!

By: Glenda (Sun Aug 27 18:00:59 GMT 2023)
You're site is so fuggin based and cool and I love it and now it's even more awesome with this guestbook, holy shid

By: risingthumb (Sun Aug 27 17:36:09 GMT 2023)