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On the tripartite of Humanity

O' Declared it so- from the sickly tree of Christianity... "God is Dead and we have killed him!". Or so it is said, that following it, God is dead- With it truth is dead, With it science is dead. How can that be, for such an axiomatic system of symbols to result in a dead truth? It depends on the metaphysical, or its lack. To believe in the metaphysical... the tripartite of humanity- Of a worldly spirit that inhabits men! Nay, not a religious spirit- as Jung duly notes on our deepest fears. Allayed and departed Ulysses ventures and projects his own wrath upon the world. That spirit that make men whole! To believe in it, is to believe in some meaning, some truth! Without it, it all falls into subjectivity depraved upon subjectivity. Observe those who believe solely in the Duality of Mankind; His mind separate from his body, observe how unto each they give special emphasis upon their mind- Max Stirner with his utter rejection of all metaphysical manifestations that might prey upon him, but he too is preyed upon the spirit of freedom and individualism. "I think, therefore I am", only some of the time- does this imply a lack of thought destroys your existence? A philosophy predicated on the physical, justified by Titan slayers of Old and New slay and lay old titans to rest- and in their stead a spiritless world, deprived of beauty and meaning and falsified with measurements of mind or body. Machiavellian, Hedonistic, Egoistic and Individualistic philosophies stem from this obsession with the physical.

=> 2023/05/03

Nietzsche and philosophical destruction

Ah yes, the modern classical works of Nietzsche. Woe to any idea he sank his teeth into, that may be the subject of what one man may say in a paragraph what many say in a book... or not at all. Nietzsche is of a modern class of philosophers, spawned from the Enlightenment. Their entire Socratic dialogue dives into the destruction of philosophies- take Voltaire as a common example with poor old Candide! Is this the best of all possible worlds? If it's the only world of all possible worlds, then trivially yes. If it's not, then likely not- as such it flounders around a moral chaos around.

=> 2023/05/03

Kierkegaard's Foul Choice

Jesus Christ's Golden Rule and Kant's Categorical Imperative are flawed in design. These systems roughly say "Treat others how you'd want rational people to treat you", however if you systematise the treatment of others into conditional logic, such as "If the person is fat, disrespect them. Otherwise, respect them" you can from this very simply justify the killing fields of Cambodia- as such theological understandings of following the word of God, Kierkegaard's "Or"... following the ethical life is undermined, and what you have left is the requirement of religious faith! In the Book of Job, Job's friends try to justify Job's diseases and sickness as a sign from God for him being evil- but such theological understandings of God don't follow. As they say, God acts in mysterious ways, requiring faith, and unto this faith Abraham when he was about to sacrifice Isaac is one of the original leaders of great faithfulness. Thus, we can discard the Categorical Imperative as it is a theological approach to God- a theological approach that breaks down under scripture. Jesus' Golden Rule doesn't quite break down, as Mathew 7:12 states "Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.". This applies it in a universal approach, but this universality of treatment itself also suffers issues, as how would one define universal treatment? Kicking a perfectly able man, is quite different from kicking a child- and the context too will never be perfectly equal and perfectly universal just by the very nature of the world.

=> 2023/04/30

Crossing the Dredge

What is Turnip28?

=> 2023/03/28

Workout and Diet plans

Relevant information about me

=> 2023/03/09

The best medication

German Romanticism, was a direct result of the Enlightenment, where everything was being reduced to rationalism and logic and a denial of emotions across the full range(pain, pleasure, love, lust, envy, pride, happiness etc). This German Romanticism is responsible in part for the philosophical views of Nietzsche, Stirner and a lot of other German philosophers(and a lot of German works like Beethoven's 5th, Wagner's Operas e.t.c.)- which usually focused on the concepts of self-actualisation or the Übermensch. This concept of self-actualisation, if one studies Jungian Psychology, requires incorporating the shadow of your ego(everything you bury deep down in your subconscious), which for most people is extremely difficult, so instead you just get modern short-sighted attempts at it by using Maslow's Hierarchy of needs instead(therapay and medication too if it doesn't work well enough).

=> 2022/10/05

60 Second Dungeon, a Ludum Dare 51 Game

For Ludum Dare 51, I made a game. It's largely inspired by "the world's hardest game", a flash game from my youth. The main change is a 10 second timer on levels, and a points system. Credits to Visha for helping with the sprites!

=> 2022/10/03

Elden Ring Review

Elden Ring is a flawed game. It's very good in its own respects, but it stands as a flawed game that could have been so much better. That said, it still stands out above most of the competition anyway in the open world genre, which makes it alone great.

=> 2022/06/12

Field archery is better than Olympic Archery

I was recently shown Field Archery in a video by Lindybeige. Honestly, it turns archery into much more of a game, than it does a sport- but for that I think it's cooler. It also matches up much more with the Robin Hood or medieval combat idea of what archery is.

=> 2022/06/08

What do you live for?

I won't pretend to be the only person to think I have asked this, as almost every teenager in existence has asked it. The answer is likely simple for most people. I live because not to would cause untold suffering to all those around me.

=> 2022/05/21

Games I should play in 2022

This is just a list of games I should get around to playing/completing in 2022. The syntax for this page will have boxes where a cross marks what I've played and gotten around to.

=> 2022/02/09

Hero/Villain Dynamics in the 21st Century

On the 14th of september I observed a data leak of the Epik Domain Registrar. What makes this leak interesting to me, is the reason given. First I will talk on the point of Security though...

=> 2021/09/17

Immutable data being used for mass murder at scale

If we've been looking at the pattern of data misuse, this shouldn't really come as a surprise as dark and sad as it is. The worst aspect is that this regards immutable biometric data. What has happened is that amidst the US Retreat from Afghanistan, a lot of biometric data[1] has been left in the hands of the Taliban, so they can easily identify, target and cull, kill or torture any people who were allied with the Americans[2]. Although it's a plain betrayal of the Americans to their allies. It's also a plain example of bad info-sec.

=> 2021/08/17

Printing with netcat

I recently discovered thanks to this blog[1] that you can print with netcat. This was impressive to me, but even still, it doesn't completely solve the problem. Instead it moves it from handling the data for printing on the client's side to handling it on the printer's side.

=> 2021/08/07

License Laundering

Extend, Embrace, Extinguish.

=> 2021/07/09

Who games on Linux? #4 Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart

Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart is a mod of a Doom Mod where you race. It's a lot like Mario Kart 64.

=> 2021/05/20

Online Communities

I have decided to write this because I feel that a major flaw in a lot of social media is the problem of communities. A community is quite simple a group of people sharing attitudes and interests in common. Sure, something utterly meaningless can be this common interest, memes, an E-Celebrity- however these communities often seem exploited to some end.

=> 2021/05/11


YANChan.xyz is an imageboard for discussion of a bunch of topics. For now topics include, art, videos, games, technology and random.

=> 2021/04/23

The problem with Bitcoin

Bitcoin has been skyrocketting in price recently, so I thought I'd write a little about its problems. First an introduction to what Bitcoin is. Bitcoin is a blockchain that records transactions in a trustless manner. As a result, anyone can download the entire blockchain and view it and all transactions that have occured between all wallets. How a blockchain is constructed? In Bitcoin's case, it uses a proof of work system. Proof of work is the idea that, by adding something to a blockchain it's very hard to find a hash with specific qualities(In Bitcoin's case this is the number of leading 0s in the hash value). Finding some value to add to this block to find this hash is computationally expensive and to this day, there exists no better method than just going through possible inputs and just searching for a valid result. Once a valid result is found, the miner who mined that block gets some reward.

=> 2021/04/23

Tech Portfolio

Hey guys, I set up a tech portfolio to show off my projects. It's on the HTTPS web.

=> 2021/04/15

The modern web is bloated

This will be a short blog post, explaining in detail why I think the modern web is bloated.

=> 2021/04/08

RSS ported to work again

Hey. I got the RSS feed to work with my Gemini blog now. This means that between my Gemini and HTTP pages, you should be able to subscribe to my feed. I will probably update my index with this information.

=> 2021/04/05

Site is now better on Mobile

Short blog post. I have slightly modified my Gemini to HTML script to include a meta tag that makes pages scale properly on mobile devices. I *think* I have also applied this same change to the UTC news archive so it should be easier to read on a mobile device.

=> 2021/04/03

Richard Stallman Situation

Richard Stallman resigned from his post in both MIT and the FSF. The basis of this were statements he made that were in generally poor taste regarding child sex. Poor taste because of the recent events with the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking scandal. Recepients of Epstein money and Epstein prostitutes included other people at MIT, but not Richard. As a result, MIT wanted this deal over as soon as possible.

=> 2021/03/28

Who games on Linux? #2 Loop Hero

Loop Hero is a tower defense Idle game with some RPG systems.

=> 2021/03/12

Who games on Linux? #3 NERTS! Online

NERTS! Online is an online multiplayer Solitaire game by Zachtronics that is free and a lot of fun.

=> 2021/03/11

Mass Surveillance at scale has resulted in murder

I recently read some interesting articles about how the Surveillance facilitated by Software Developers has had catastrophic consequences.

=> 2021/03/10

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (Book)

This is a book I read recently. By recently, I mean I ordered a paperback of it, and when it arrived, consumed all 260 pages of this wonderful fiction in 2 days. The only fault I have is regarding the ending being as I feel, quite rushed, although that only particularly affects the last 20 pages of the story. The rest was wonderful to read.

=> 2021/03/07

The iterated Prisoner's Dilemma

If we are to discuss the iterated Prisoner's Dilemma, we must first discuss it with 1 iteration. The idea in a single iteration, is that you and another convict have 2 choices available and there 4 possible outcomes. For simplicity, we will name the prisoner's Cain and Abel, and the options Betray and Cooperate. If Cain betrays, and abel cooperates, Cain gets free and Abel serves for 3 years. If Cain betrays, and abel betrays they both serve 2 years. If Cain cooperates and Abel cooperates, then they both serve a year. I will present this with the below tree.

=> 2021/03/04

Browser choices

There's a lot of browsers available for browsing the modern web. You could probably take something deprecated and outdated and still be able to browse it(selected sites with simple HTML and probably no HTTPS) like netscape navigator. Now in my time on the internet I've used a few browsers, lets roll and see 'em:

=> 2021/03/03

Who games on Linux? #1: DOOM 2

DOOM 2 is a 1995 game by id Software that develops upon what DOOM originally did, adding more levels and enemies to the FPS mix they created.

=> 2021/03/03

Impressionism and Games

This is a short blog post, that I hope may illuminate to some people why I prefer some games over others.

=> 2021/03/01

Articles from blogs I follow around the net


MAUDE MOLD #39 by Stanley Lieber BRAIN FOG tags: 1967, mars3, piro, tab1, tab2 He couldn’t remember much after that. The world seemed to shift, colors inverting like someone pressing on the front of his visor, but no one seemed interested in acknowledging any…

via I'm not really Stanley Lieber. May 12, 2023

Driving Compilers

via Fabien Sanglard May 3, 2023


It kind of crept up on me. One day, sitting at my workstation, I stopped typing, stared blankly at the screen for a few seconds, and a switch flipped in my head. On the night of New Year’s Eve, my backpack was stolen from me on the train from Berlin to Amste…

via Drew DeVault's blog May 1, 2023

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