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IndieWeb Carnival of April Roundup


This is a running roundup that I'll add to as I get submissions. There'll be a final roundup that adds a handful of my thoughts at the end of the month to give closure to this theme.

Submissions are closed.

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What If "Good Enough" Is Actually Great? (English)

=> By Devon

IndieWeb Carnival: Good enough and the search for perfection (English)

=> By Manuel Moreale

IndieWeb Carnival: Sufficientemente Buono (Italian)

=> By Go With The Flow

The World is Good Enough (English)

=> By

Good Enough until it’s replaced (English)

=> By Chris

Serenity of Good Enough (English)

=> By Kenan

IndieWeb Carnival April 2024: Good Enough is Good Enough (English)

=> By Sara

Good Enough can still be Enough (English)

=> By Bekah

Good Enough (English)

=> By Alex Sirac

Good enough as a power for good (English)

=> By Juha-Matti Santala

indieweb carnival: suficientemente bueno (Spanish)

=> By Ankaph

My site’s new look will be good enough (English)

=> By Jeremy Cherfas

What Is Good Enough? (English)

=> By Barry Hess

Never Give Your Best At Work (English)

=> By Matthew Greybosch

Enough (English)

=> By Jason

Work to Live, Live to Work (English)

=> By Devastatia

good enough (English)

=> By Jess Driscoll

Good Enough (English)

=> By Steve

My Site Redesign is Good Enough (English)

=> By Pablo Morales

On the Fish in the Sea (English)

=> By

Published on 2024/04/06

Articles from blogs I follow around the net

Writing a Unix clone in about a month

I needed a bit of a break from “real work” recently, so I started a new programming project that was low-stakes and purely recreational. On April 21st, I set out to see how much of a Unix-like operating system for x86_64 targets that I could put together in …

via Drew DeVault's blog May 24, 2024


via I'm not really Stanley Lieber. May 20, 2024

Inside the Super Nintendo cartridges

via Fabien Sanglard April 21, 2024

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